Culinary Creativity Is Alive And Well At The 404 Kitchen In Nashville

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The Gulch, one of Nashville’s swankiest neighborhoods, is home to a variety of edgy new shops and restaurants, but the The 404 Hotel and The 404 Kitchen have a way of standing out. For one, the earthy wooden exterior of the building amidst the sharp, glassy exteriors of Nashville’s urban center takes the diner right into the farm-to-table vibe without undercutting its inherent feeling of luxury. The boutique hotel rooms are a feat of clean, modern architecture, perfect for the art lover or the adventurous vagabond in need of an inspiring, beautiful space to land. The King Suite with a loft is two stories high, with a spiral staircase leading to the second floor with elegant white walls exhibiting framed artworks.

Just down the hall is the bustling farm-to-table restaurant, The 404 Kitchen, where my boyfriend and I were met with what I have come to understand as a lesson in culinary creativity. We started with the roasted garlic burrata, which was served with pickled banana peppers, celery, Calabrian peppers, lemon and peanuts. What struck me as a strange combination on the menu made perfect sense after the first bite. Never have I tasted such fresh burrata, light and fluffy, and the pairing of flavors worked together perfectly. It was the immediate, visceral pull you feel when you’ve eaten something truly delicious that you’ve never tried before, like skydiving or driving a car for the first time, or falling in love. Between the two of us, it was gone within minutes.

While the menu often changes seasonally, guests can also sample dry-aged beef tartare, lamb sugo, scallop toast, Gigante beans, or the bloomy rind cheese plate to start. For the main course, my boyfriend was sold on the Rabbit Man Farm’s Rabbit, prepared from rabbit meat that has been braised for several hours and served with dumplings, mushrooms and sweet potatoes with an apple cider mustard sauce. He had never tried rabbit before and was raving about it after the first bite, perfectly balanced with the vegetables and dumplings.

_DSC5891 copy Burrata

As a gluten-free vegetarian, eating out often requires some menu manipulation, but our server let the kitchen know my dietary restrictions and they whipped up a delicious and filling vegetable hash made with the same apple cider mustard sauce—more of a hearty, broth glaze unifying all the other elements at work. Upon tasting it I had the same feeling I’d had after I tried the burrata. The cooked veggies tasted like they’d been plucked from the garden and cooked on the spot and grounded by chopped potatoes that served as a gluten-free starch. We also sampled the made-to-order cornbread as we ate, using it to sop up every bit of sauce. At last we fell prey to the dark chocolate brownie, which was rich and decadent served alongside a serving of coffee ice cream.

After thanking our server and the chef, it was time to visit the Bluebird Café and retire to our quaint lodging at the Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast. Within the bustling city hotspot, our experience felt tailored and curated with a personal touch. Delicious food, excellent service and beautiful boutique hotel rooms are just the beginning here. Treat yourself to a meal or overnight stay and experience it yourself to know the feeling.

404 Hotel and Kitchen
404 12th Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: Kitchen 615.251.1404 / Hotel 615.242.7404

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