Creativity, Cancer And Cameras: Forever An Astronaut Introduces 'Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story'

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While recently recording the announcement video for our Good Vibes issue, the team behind video production studio “Forever an Astronaut” moved around our office, quietly and artfully capturing our team at work. In between recordings, Director/Producer Alessio Summerfield, Executive Producer James Reichmuth and Guest Producer Dylan Kress chatted about a project they have brewing that is close to their hearts.

Alessio Summerfield and James Reichmuth at work. Photo by Alex Isbell for ALIVE.

Alessio Summerfield and James Reichmuth at work. Photo by Alex Isbell for ALIVE.

It’s called “Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story,” a new film about Seth, Sam and Adam Coster, the three St. Louisans behind game studio Butterscotch Shenanigans. Summerfield met the Coster brothers while filming for a potential web series on the thriving community of game developers, enthusiasts and supporters in our region, and immediately knew that they had landed on a great story.

Snapshot of Dylan Kress, James Reichmuth and Alessio Summerfield.

Snapshot of Dylan Kress, James Reichmuth and Alessio Summerfield. Courtesy of Forever An Astronaut.

Summerfield explains, “These were three brothers creating games together for the love and passion of it—brothers who supported each other through thick and thin, and who had been working together for two years on the youngest brother’s, Sam, dream game and response to being diagnosed with Stage 4B lymphatic cancer,” he continues. “After that, we knew that we needed to hunker down and capture them as they neared completion on ‘Crashlands.’”

Still from "Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story." The Coster Brothers at work.

Still from “Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story.” The Coster Brothers at work. Courtesy of Forever An Astronaut.

The timing of “Crashlands”—a story-driven action game set in a futuristic world of magic and tech and powered by the Coster brothers—has been a refuge for Sam. This port in the storm of cancer treatment has given all three brothers a place to focus their energy while the world all around them has been unsure.

Kress states, “The cancer story and the development of this game are so closely interwoven. It’s kind of crazy. Sam somewhat credits working on this game for him being able to recover. It gave him something to do and something to wake up and get out of bed for.”

The team at FAA is dedicated to telling stories like this. As their mission states, they’re “not afraid to push boundaries … we love sharing stories, whether it’s from out of our heads or something compelling that’s happening just around the corner.”

Photo by Alex Isbell for ALIVE.

Photo by Alex Isbell for ALIVE.

Perhaps the most compelling part of FAA’s relationship with the Coster three is the way all six men’s efforts are inspiring each other. The creativity is infectious.

Reichmuth says, “Creating ‘Brace for Impact’ from the ground up has been incredible. Being able to showcase the genius and dedication the three Coster brothers have shown throughout this development cycle, while highlighting the mad talent and eccentricities the folks in Saint Louis have to offer has been an absolute dream come true.”

Forever an Astronaut’s anticipated feature film was announced at a sneak peek event on Feb. 18 at Webster University. Watch the announcement trailer below and follow the filming journey on twitter at @crashlandsfilm. Want to see a sneak peek live? Check out their launch party at TechArtista on March 25.

“Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story”
Directed by Alessio Summerfield
Executive Producers James Reichmuth and Alessio Summerfield
Produced by Forever an Astronaut and Dylan Kress
Original Music by Fat Bard, Sarah Wahoff and American Girl Reporter
Post Sound and Mixing by Scott Waters
St. Louis Footage Appears Courtesy of Benjamin Dewhurst
Learn more about the FAA team on their website at

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