Commit to Get Fit

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Slim and tone with the help of the personal training pros at CIHP.


Workout lost its oomph? Maybe hitting the gym next to St. Louis Ram Steven Jackson will inspire you. The chance is yours at Kirkwood’s Central Institute for Human Performance. And though you don’t have to keep up with Jackson to work out at CIHP, you do have to be committed. “We’re not a social gym,” says medical director Dr. Clayton Skaggs. The internationally known fitness and sports medicine program at CIHP requires a commitment of at least six months—it takes that long to make a transformation, Skaggs says—for one-on-one training like you’ve never experienced before.

Train Like A Pro
CIHP’s physicians, nutritionists and coaches do thorough evaluations, right down to blood tests showing what nutrients you’re short on. CIHP has worked with more than 200 clients, about a quarter of them pro athletes. Regular folks follow the same general model as the pros—so in that sense, you would be doing Steven Jackson’s workout—but it’s tailored for your abilities and fitness goals. No slacking, though; Skaggs warns that the goal-oriented training eliminates excuses.

The Program
It’s all well and good for the pros to shell out for a private gym, but why would Joe Trying-To-Carve-A-Sixpack? Skaggs says the CIHP fitness model is more focused on health than sports performance, but you need to work up a sweat to be healthier, too. “Getting fit is a side effect of spending a year with us working your tail off,” Skaggs says. Then there’s nutrition: Clients are recommended a diet of unprocessed carbs, lean protein, veggies, water and green tea. When CIHP started five years ago, it was one of the only facilities in the world with its unique blend of physicians and coaches. Now it’s a leader in this small-but-growing segment of the fitness market, and it’s looking to give average folks the benefit of its expertise. So get in there with Steven Jackson. Just don’t try to snag his towel—he’s faster than you (314.822.1001).


196_110.jpgGet a VIP workout at Kirkwood’s Central Institute for Human Performance


Photo credit: By Jonathan Pollack

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