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chicGeek blogger duo’s must-have mobile apps


Oh, dear friends, you taptivate my heart
App Name: Friends from Taptivate ($0.99)
Rating: Good
Ever wish you could combine all of your phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook friend updates, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn connections, etc.—plus the photos, videos and weird social media-isms of each—and have them all at your fingertips? Well, with the new Friends application from Taptivate, you can [cue applause]!

Social media addicts: It’s time to unite in a robot dance of joy because the Friends app revolutionizes how you keep in touch with, well, everyone. Finally you can see what your friends are saying, what they’re doing and stay in touch with them—all in one place. [Yes, you can even keep your MySpace updates in check, but if you are truly a chicGeek, we seriously hope you’re no longer using that “ahem” or calculator wristwatches any longer.]

This sexy little app also allows you to see friends’ statuses, update your own status and view photos, videos or whatever else your friends are sharing all directly from the app. The convenience is enough to make one start dreaming in binary. Why use multiple apps when one will do? How environmentally conscious; score an extra point for being digitally “green”!

There are lasers in them hills
App Name: Red Laser (Free)
Rating: Better
It’s a well-known fact that every geek loves a good laser. But chicGeeks being chic, they love a different kind of laser altogether—Red Laser, a handy mobile app that allows you to scan bar codes, QR codes and more. As a burgeoning chicGeeker, you might ask us, “But why, great chicGeek, would we want to start scanning all of these codes?” Let us share our chicGeek wisdom.

Armed with Red Laser, you can quickly scan a bar code when shopping, and you’ll instantly get price comparisons from eBay,, Google, The Find and others, so you can shop smarter and nab those low online or local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. Red Laser can also scan and read the QR codes you often see in magazines. No more downloading a separate app for each code you see; Red Laser can read practically all of them. Happy scanning!

Are you too sexy for those pants?
App Name: Go Try It On (Free)
Rating: Best
“What to wear?” This is a question that plagues even the most “chic” of geeks. So many great options in the closet [insert chuckle], but which is best? If only you had several hundred fashion consultants right at your digital fingertips. Enter the Go Try It On app. This highly addictive app allows you to upload a photo of yourself and get the opinions of hundreds of peers and fellow fashion enthusiasts. Depending on your scenario of choice, you can ask users to vote whether you should wear the outfit or “put it back in the closet,” and if you can take it, get [constructive] opinions. If you’d rather play the role of advisor, you can vote on other people’s picks and submit your own insightful tips or thoughts. But if all this digital sharing makes you feel a bit gun shy, you can always try the anonymous feature that blurs your face.

So far, the community is positive and fun, and the app itself is intuitive and user-friendly. It’s still a newbie, so there is some room to grow; for example, a cool feature that’s lacking currently is the ability to direct message fellow users with questions or less public messages. But overall, it’s completely addictive [like Tetris without the dexterity]. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.




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