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Bamboo is the fashion-inspired home dcor color making waves for fall.


Where would the design world be without a little thing called color? It sets the tone; it adds cohesiveness to a dwelling—and speaks volumes about said dwelling’s inhabitants. The right color can transform a room, tell a story and revive otherwise hopelessly outdated décor. But how do you choose?

Flip through any design magazine and you’re bound to come across today’s hottest color choices—but current options often say very little about the “it” shades of tomorrow. If you want to find out what colors will survive the journey from New York runways to your home, look no further than The Pantone Color Institute—the go to resource for décor and fashion aficionados looking to stay on top of the latest trends.

Pantone has pinpointed bamboo as one of the major hues for fall, trumping many of the bright and vibrant color choices so highly coveted just last season. The bold, yet subtle hue has a high-end feel and is sure to add a bit of style to any space. To call bamboo “yellow” really doesn’t do it justice—it’s much more complex than that, with spicy and sophisticated undertones that hint of exotic locales.

When choosing shades to pair with bamboo, it’s best to think in terms of contrast rather than complement. Deep, rich browns and sea greens in the bedroom beautifully accent bamboo’s luxurious nature, and if you’ve been desperately searching for a color to make your trendy red walls pop, bamboo is a fabulous option. The tone works exceptionally well with dark woods or stark white and adds a little warmth to sleek, but otherwise cold décor.

Carry the same welcoming vibe over to the kitchen with the use of paint. One accent wall is usually enough to convey hospitality while keeping the essential “clean” feel of a kitchen intact. When designing a communal space, like a living room, let the Far East inspire you. Think minimalist with extravagant embellishments such as a bamboo cashmere throw, casually strewn over a streamlined couch, or a simple carved walnut chair covered with bamboo colored silk. In the bathroom, bamboo adds a spa-like tranquility to basic white. Rolled towels, luxe bath rugs and scented candles are all simple and inexpensive ways to add the of-the-moment tone to your current color scheme.

Regardless of where you infuse bamboo into your home, the best thing about it is its versatility. It’s a must-have color no matter what your space—we’re just glad Pantone told us about it.


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Photo credit: Photos by Ben Rieder

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