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Five must-try summer cocktails from STL’s top mixology pros.


1/ Gospel Truth

From the mind of Blood & Sand’s Jayne Pellegrino comes this frothy, berry-flavored delight, featuring absinthe, Averell plum gin, lemon, cassis and cream, topped with a bit of cracked black pepper.

2/ Parlour Trick

So named because of its unintuitive combination of ingredients, this Ted Kilgore Planter’s House creation somehow balances the bitterness of Suze (a French gentian-based liqueur) with the sweetness of dry curacao and turbinado sugar.

3/ Sammy Sling

A tropical creation from Joshua Johnson, bar manager at Taha’a Twisted Tiki, this long drink is based on the Russian spirit Samogon and gin, bolstered with a bevy of other liqueurs and juices.

4/ Port of Spain

Kyle Mathis of Taste created this study in opposites, which balances the spice of rye, Allspice Dram and Angostura bitters with the clean, citrus bite of lemon and the silky texture of egg white.

5/ Ramble On

This delicious take on a classic Bramble from Brasserie by Niche’s Layla Linehan features Plymouth gin, lime, sugar and a float of St. George raspberry liqueur, capped off with a garnish of bruleed grapefruit.








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