Clementine's Creamery Brings A Little Naughty and Nice to Your Wedding Day

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Lately, there has been a boom in non-traditional weddings—from dresses to venues all the way down to the food. Brides- and grooms-to-be aren’t sticking to the standard script and instead are thinking outside-of-the-box and Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery is there to fill that space.

Sweet, savory and a little bit naughty, Clementine’s can add a little sweetness to your special day. With more than 40 flavors to choose from—including making your own flavors!—and a selection of catering options, wedding guests will be able to enjoy delicious ice cream from STL’s first micro-creamery. We talked to owner Tamara Keefe on how Clementine’s got started in the wedding catering business, the best memories she has from those love-filled days and how into ice cream men can be.

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Photo courtesy of Clementine’s Creamery

When did you start doing wedding catering and how did the idea come about?
It was actually presented to me. Before I opened my store, people were eating my ice cream when we used to do free delivery around St. Louis. When word got out about Clementine’s ice cream, I had people coming up to me and asking, “Can you come do ice cream at my wedding?” I said, “sure” and kept receiving phone calls for people asking me to come do ice cream at their wedding.

Afterward, I started doing more research and found that the whole dessert component at a wedding is actually changing. People don’t necessarily want cake anymore. Cake is starting to become old-fashioned and a lot of brides either don’t want cake anymore or want something in addition to cake. They want something cool and different, so it really stemmed from that.

What makes Clementine’s stand out in the wedding world?
I wanted to do something unique in the bridal space, and I thought it would be cool to do an ice cream bike. The freezer is on the front and it’s something beautiful for wedding pictures that people could use instead of a photo booth because people love to hop on a bike. It’s also a good way to serve ice cream. In every industry, you want to have something different that no one else has and that’s what I did. I flew to Italy and got the ice cream bike and that was that.

Everyone wants their day to be unique and different from all the millions of other weddings that they have been to, so Clementine’s is really that unique component. It’s funny because grooms are normally checked out and don’t usually care about most components to a wedding, especially desserts. But let me tell you, grooms get so involved in the ice cream and they love to be part of the process. It ends up being a fun thing for the couples. It brings a fun element to the whole wedding-planning process that hasn’t ever been there before.

What’s the most popular flavors people tend to choose?
Ninety-five percent of couples go for both the naughty and nice flavors. If they do the table service, they typically do half and half. If they do the bike, they tend to choose one naughty and two nice. Our most popular naughty flavor is the maple bourbon with salted candied pecans. However, what makes this really popular for the weddings is that we do custom flavors. Ninety-nine percent of our couples make their own custom naughty or nice flavor and we name the ice cream after them.

What’s your favorite memory from a wedding that you’ve done?
We did a wedding on Grant’s Farm and incorporated Anheuser-Busch beer into the ice cream. Everyone loved it. (See the wedding below!)

What are people’s reactions when they see an ice cream bar? Is it usually unexpected?
Men are so excited because it’s typically something for them too. The funny thing is that we become the most popular booth there. The poor cake doesn’t even get looked at. We do ice cream, ice cream sandwich bars and ice cream sundae bars. Mostly, though, people just want a scoop of ice cream. We do both a waffle cone and cups, but what I tend to do most for weddings is mini sugar waffle ice cream cones that are so freaking adorable.

What’s something you want people to know most about Clementine’s catering their wedding?
We’re booking out into 2017, so book sooner rather than later.

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