Clayton's First Parklet Will Be Unveiled Today

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The city of Clayton is dedicating its first parklet installation today outside of Barcelona Tapas on North Central Avenue.

Parklet example image courtesy of ReBar Group

Parklet example image courtesy of ReBar Group

Parklets are modular public spaces found in larger cities and was first introduced by San Francisco design company ReBar. The parklets are designed to help specific businesses in the area which they are being built. In this case for Clayton, it will be an opportunity for restaurateurs like Frank Schmitz of Barcelona Tapas to offer a unique outdoor dining space for customers.

This idea was first introduced by the City of Clayton in its Central Avenue Activation Plan published in February 2014. After approval, it was reported by NextSTL to be built Pinnacle Contracting and Tao + Lee Associates.

Check out the new space at the unveiling taking place today, April 15 in front of Barcelona Tapas at 4:15pm.

34 N. Central Ave., Clayton

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