CityArchRiver Project Timeline Updated to Reflect New Projected Completion Dates

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CityArchRiverIn the December 2013 issue of ALIVE, we take a look inside the CityArchRiver project that will transform the park that’s home to our city’s most recognized landmark, the Arch. The $380 million endeavor aims to make the Arch and the park more accessible and welcoming than ever.

Read the full story on to find out what’s in store.

As with any project of this magnitude, timelines and construction schedules are constantly in flux as many different moving parts come together just so. Since we sent the December issue to press last week, there have been some changes to the projected completion dates for certain parts of the park. We spoke with CityArchRiver 2015 Foundation for the latest updates to the timeline:

  • The biggest change is that the Museum of Western Expansion is now projected to open in May 2016 rather than being finished in time for the October 2015 celebration of the Arch’s 50th anniversary, as originally planned. By that time, visitors will be able to see the grand new western-facing entrance described in our story, but the plaza in front of the entrance and the interior renovations to the museum will still be underway.
  • Improvements to the East Slopes along the riverfront to the north of the Arch may still be in progress at that point as well. Workers are beginning on the southern end of the park, moving west and north from there constructing the new network of pedestrian pathways. The final stretch is expected to be finished by December 2015.
  • In the following spring, new trees will be planted to line these avenues, replacing the 800-900 Rose Hill Ash trees that have been suffering from emerald ash borer infestations. They are being replaced by more hardy London Plane trees.

Though the parking garage will not be demolished until after Labor Day 2014, the North Gateway portion of the renovation remains on track to be finished by October 2015. The riverfront improvements and bike trails, which break ground this week, should also be completed on time. Perhaps most importantly, CityArchRiver’s cornerstone element, the Park Over the Highway that will bridge Memorial Drive and I-70 to reconnect the park to Downtown St. Louis, will be completed in time for the October 2015 celebration as well.

Stay tuned to The 314 blog for more updates on this project as it unfolds, including coverage of Great Rivers Greenway’s groundbreaking on the riverfront this week.

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