Citizen Kane’s Steak House: Great Steaks off the Beaten Path

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One of the most delicious steak experiences in the region is tucked away off the beaten path in Kirkwood. It’s a destination for special occasions, and every order is respected and treasured—whether it comes from the youngest member of the party or the oldest. That type of service feels very fitting for a restaurant located in a turn-of-the-century Victorian home.

The menu is filled with expertly crafted dishes that draw customers’ attention to the steak at the center of the plate. Although they are traditional, not a single one is boring—even the creamed spinach is popular enough to generate recipe requests. And the steak, of course, is exquisite.


If the point of the libation is to emphasize the steak, then the wine list at Citizen Kane’s hits the market. The same is true for the long list of whiskeys, bourbons, single-malt Scotches and Scotch-whiskey blends, which serve as reminder that concluding the meal is just as important at a fine steak house as starting it. And that is where the chocolate-chip cheesecake enters the picture.

This story originally appeared in GUIDED: Saint Louis Exploring Kirkwood. Read the full issue.
All photos by Carmen Troesser.

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