Cielo at Four Seasons Hotel Introduces Barrel-Aged Cocktails

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A few months ago, the mixologists at Cielo Restaurant & Bar started the unique process of aging cocktails to increase the richness and depth of flavor. Now, the barrel-aged cocktails are a huge draw at the modern Italian restaurant nestled inside the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis.

Photo by Lawrence Bryant

Photo by Lawrence Bryant

“The barrel-aged process, specifically the oak, brings so many nuances to the drink and adds a layer of complexity,” Cory Cuff, Cielo’s manager says.

Single-spirit pours of vodka, gin, tequila, cachaca, bitters, grappa or amaro are $12. They also offer five barrel-aged cocktails: Negroni (gin-based), Manhattan (bourbon-based), Vieux Carre (whiskey-based), Empire (gin-based) and Vesper (half gin, half vodka).

The barrel-aged cocktails are served in antique glassware with larger ice cubes that have a slower dilution rate. Cielo has also added a new element in Cocktail Crush, a 30-minute, $35 bottomless cocktail experience. 999 N. 2nd St., Downtown, 314.881.5800

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