Catch Lisa K. Blatt's 'New Work' at Bruno David Gallery This Week

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If you’re looking for an arty lunch break this week, be sure to catch Lisa K. Blatt’s third solo exhibition, entitled “New Work,” at the Bruno David Gallery before it closes Saturday, Feb. 21. Organized by Bruno David and Keri Robertson, “New Work” features pieces that explore the ideas of how media and culture influence perception and offer an alternative perception with an experience of nature and landscapes.

"(untitled) clearest lake in the world," by Lisa K. Blatt, courtesy of Bruno David Gallery

“(untitled) clearest lake in the world,” by Lisa K. Blatt, courtesy of Bruno David Gallery

The exhibit begins with the photograph, Sound of Ice Melting III, following the guidance of the work to the last piece, Landscape 3, a sculptural piece of an IKEA frame that allows the viewer to focus on lines provided by the light and shadow of the broken glass. Even though the images have names, the artist requested to not include the titles on the wall for viewers to not emphasize their attention on what the image is called, but to examine how the landscapes may be defined by what is and is not visible.

In addition to the photographs, in the Media Arts Room is Blatt’s single-channel color film with sound, entitled Fall, that is approximately two minutes long and runs on a loop. The film parallels the exhibit by serene images of landscapes for viewers to bestow on the slow and harmonious movements and sounds arranged by nature.

The exhibition runs until Feb. 21 at Bruno David Gallery, 3721 Washington Blvd. in Grand Center.

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