Cashmere You Can Wash Is a (Wonderful) Thing Now

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Tucked into a small storefront in the heart of the Central West End, Kit and Ace aims to change the way you shop. The Vancouver-based brand, which celebrated its official US launch this year, designs and sells apparel that targets the casual luxury shopper by crafting a functional and sophisticated selection of clothing for men and women. But Kit and Ace isn’t your average retail chain: They are just as passionate about the creation of their product as they are about supplementing your closet.

Photo courtesy of Kit & Ace.

Photo courtesy of Kit & Ace.

Shannon and JJ Wilson—wife and son of Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon—created Kit and Ace from the ground up with the goal of developing a future-focused brand that would rank as a top innovator in the industry. That innovation has been achieved by way of Kit and Ace’s bespoke fabric of choice: Technical Cashmere. It has all the softness, comfort and luxury of traditional cashmere but without the hassle: the soft-as-air fabric is 100 percent machine-washable. The commitment to the creation is even outlined step-by-step on the store’s website, which maps a garment’s progress from the fields of Mongolia all the way into the hands of the customer.

To match the breezy, minimalist feel of the goods, the shop itself is a clean slate and tailored to its local environment. In St. Louis, the quaint, gallery-inspired space has a soft industrial vibe, equipped with pull-outs and simple shelving along the walls and an open, studio-style workspace taking over the room. The shop opened earlier this summer at 304 N. Euclid Ave. and is one of more than a dozen locations planned for North America, with a larger, heavier-stocked shop to join St. Louis later this year.

This story appeared in the September 2015 issue. 

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