Carmindy of 'What Not To Wear' Launches Cosmetics Line at Soft Surroundings

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Carmindy, the beauty guru best known for her awe-inspiring transformations on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” is launching her first beauty line at Soft Surroundings.

Photo courtesy of Carmind

Photo courtesy of Carmindy.

Aside from being a key player on Stacy and Clinton’s “What Not to Wear” beauty dream team, Carmindy is renowned for what she calls the “5-Minute Face,” an easy solution for busy, working women who only have a few minutes to budget for makeup.

Carmindy’s cosmetics line, to be sold exclusively at Soft Surroundings and on the Home Shopping Network, features foundations, primers, lip shades and eye products for a flawless face. The beauty queen herself will visit Soft Surroundings in St. Louis on March 19 for her launch party as well as a signing for her latest book, “The 5 Minute Face.” We sat down with Carmindy for the lowdown on her cosmetics collection as well as a few of her own makeup tips.

ALIVE: You did “What Not To Wear” for ages and made a name for yourself as the leading beauty guru. What inspired you to create your own cosmetics line?

Carmindy: All the wonderful women I worked with on that show inspired Carmindy & Co. They were busy moms, students, full-time workers, cancer survivors—you name it and I worked with them. I found that they were not interested in a fancy multi-step red-carpet celebrity look. What they really needed was a fast, easy and foolproof way to look polished and pretty in a flash. I had worked for over 20 years as a professional makeup artist in the fashion industry on countless photo shoots, so I knew certain colors that worked well on all skin tones. I came up with this line as a problem-solving way for all women of all ages and all skin tones to enhance their natural beauty.

ALIVE: Tell us how you developed the products. How did you come up with the combinations?

Carmindy: I created The 5 Minute Face technique when I began “What Not To Wear” and wrote a book about it a few years ago. So I created this easy-to-use kit in universal shades that work for any woman and any skin tone to make it easy. It is a woman’s basic makeup wardrobe and a must-have for any beauty arsenal. Then I created the MesmerEyes Smoky Eye Kit because it should be easy to acheive that coveted look. I created the kit to be sheer, wearable and universal for all women.

ALIVE: What should every person know about creating the 5-minute face?

Carmindy: The colors work for everyone, the products work on every face no matter what shape of features you may have, and if you remember to “Carmindize”—line your eyes, sweep, swirl, and swipe—then you will get it right every time.

ALIVE: You’ve made a career out of highlighting and bringing out your clients’ most incredible features. What’s your own day-to-day beauty regimen?

Carmindy: I apply my moisturizer then my Skin Zen Primer. I apply my Game Changer Foundation in Creamy Beige with my fingers, then buff it with a non-latex sponge and finish with a light dusting of powder. Next, I apply my 5 Minute Face Kit, and I’m out the door!

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