Career Shift: Why Urban Chestnut Brewing Company In St. Louis Is Among The Best Places To Work

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The powers that be at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company are onto something revolutionary. In addition to creating quality beer, UCBC is devoted to developing working environments and experiences that are uniquely their own. At a time when issues like overtime and living wages are at the forefront of modern business, creating a culture of cooperation and appreciation just makes sense. As a result, UCBC has meshed the best of both worlds, their great food and spirits and a corporate ecosystem built on programs that celebrate the notion that employees and employers can live symbiotically, creating a setting that fosters recognition, teamwork and respect while also raising consciousness about health and welfare in their workplace.

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UCBC Swag Program
Urban Chestnut initiated their Swag Program whereby all employees receive virtual cash, which can then be used for drinks and food, based on the number of hours they have worked per pay period. This unique spin on in-store credit allows Urban Chestnut’s staff to enhance their productivity without having to sing for their supper. It also helps foster a team of all-stars who feel invested in the success of the company.

Employee Yoga
Urban Chestnut offers an escape from the daily grind with yoga classes as a means to unwind and unburden employees’ mind and body. Beyond the various mental and physical health benefits, yoga affords UCBC staffers a unique opportunity to socialize and relax together. Business and Marketing Operations Manager Ashley Troutman says, “As Urban Chestnut continues to grow, it is an ongoing, organizational goal to provide our UCBC community (employee team) with different experiences and activities. The classes will be a great way to enhance the overall well-being of the UCBC community.” The yoga sessions are also open to the public.

Bike to Work
The brewery’s internal programs were expanded this past October with the unveiling of a Bike to Work competition. Geared towards promoting sustainability and vigor, their team was encouraged to commute to work by bicycle instead of using a car. Those who participated helped reduce the amount of community pollution, while putting the pedal to the metal to compete for prizes.

Community Spotlight
In today’s job market it oftentimes is difficult to retain a motivated and loyal team who believe in the mission of where they work. Knowing that a dedicated staff was instrumental to the longevity of the organization, UCBC established a Community Spotlight Program to recognize and reward associates who consistently display the beyond-the-call-of-duty characteristics of flexibility, excellent customer service, reliability, commitment, problem-solving, positivity and inclusive attitude. In it, employees across all departments are encouraged to recognize their peers who consistently exhibit UCBC values and have exemplified strong personal character during an out-of-ordinary or difficult situation. After review and approval, those employees who are recognized feel the love of their colleagues and score extra swag.


For its employees UCBC is more than a place to punch the clock, it’s a locally owned home for great beer that also champions the environment, community involvement and sustainability. It recognizes the importance of taking as much care in crafting great employees as it does in developing their wide range of brews.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
St. Louis, Missouri
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