Candy Inspired Jewels

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You are bound to crave Nava Zahavis colorful and classic 24-karat gold confection-like creations.


Upon first sight, Nava Zahavi’s pieces with colorful stones set in gold called to mind a painter’s palette; without knowing any backstory on the brand, I concocted the scenario that Zahavi was an artist and that her beautiful fine jewelry design business was inspired by her original field, which involved a brush and canvas. Not exactly…

Upon further investigation, I found that Zahavi has been designing jewelry for 15 years; it was her first love. Born in Israel, rich in culture and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, her work is more a reflection of environmental influences growing up, as well as those encountered during more recent world travels; Egypt, Greece and nature are well represented.

“I use the finest quality semi-precious stones, wrapped in 24-karat gold,” says Zahavi. The stones include Aquamarine, which is used to depict the sea and the sky; Citrine and rutilated stones, which call to mind sandy beaches, and Carnelian, which plays the warm sun. Admittedly, the bright stones paired with the designer’s description took my imagined metaphor for the pieces from a painter’s studio to Willy Wonka’s factory; they’re like bright little candies wrapped in gold paper. On third thought, “fresh, contemporary and timeless jewelry” is likely the most accurate description for the covetable Nava Zahavi line I’ve come up with thus far.








Photo credit: Images Courtesy of Mavrik Fine Jewelry

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