CAM Awarded $84K Innovation Fund Grant by RAC for Landscape Architecture Installation

By Christopher Reilly
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Our friends over at CAM continue to initiate new programs and exhibits. Now they’ve announced they’ve been awarded an $84,000 innovation fund grant by Regional Arts Commission for a series of landscape architecture installations to be on view in the coming spring and summer months of 2015 and 2016.

The Patio at CAM Courtesy of CAM

The Patio at CAM
Courtesy of CAM

The series will transform the museum’s outdoor area into an artful, immersive, and welcoming green space, highlighting contemporary landscape architecture while welcoming visitors to relax, think and socialize. Though the bucolic nature of the space will bring in visitors on its own, related programs will draw visitors to the museum to explore and contemplate the intersections among botany, design, horticulture and fine art.

The Innovation Fund—established by the Regional Arts Commission in 2012—is designed to encourage arts institutions to think and operate in new ways and provide support for initiatives that demonstrate flexibility, openness to change and willingness to take risks in accomplishing organizational and programmatic goals. The fund gives art institutions the opportunity to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

The installation follows director Lisa Melandri’s promise to utilize every bit of available space in CAM. The courtyard installations will be hybrid exhibitions where art, design, botany, and public parks interconnect. Previously the “Art everywhere” initiative has lead to exhibits about sounds played in the restrooms, in the lobby when you first arrive at the museum, and on the side of the building with video projection.

This new exhibition program is altogether original for the museum, with CAM’s curatorial team organizing living installations with a new type of artist—the landscape architect—for the first time in this institution’s history. Fulfilling CAM’s longterm goal of activating all spaces in the museum with art, the exhibitions will activate the courtyard, expanding and enriching the visitor experience.

“We are tremendously excited about this show of support from RAC,” said Lisa Melandri, CAM Executive Director. “With this Innovation Fund grant, CAM hopes to fundamentally change how people think about museums; courtyard programming will shift the public’s experience from that of a ‘hands-off’ visitor inside the white-cube gallery to an active participant who engages directly with the art.”

For more information visit the CAM website.

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