Burn Fat Fast!

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Seven creative cardio classes that burn calories, blast fat and keep your workout exciting.


 As the New Year begins, losing those holiday pounds is top of mind. But let’s face it—we don’t always look forward to hitting the treadmill or stairmaster. This year, commit to cardio that makes working out a blast—not a chore—while building strength and burning calories. But be advised: These aren’t your mother’s step aerobics.

1. Punch Away Pounds Get a knockout body with extreme cardio conditioning in the Punchers class at Sweat. You’ll focus on proper boxing form and technique as you move nonstop through hundreds of punches, stances and combo movements during one power-packed session. You’ll burn 450-650 calories in a single class all while improving your hand-eye coordination, posture, core muscles and form. When you get into the ring at this class, you’ll come out looking like a champ (8011 Maryland Ave., Clayton, 314.725.2714)

2. Dance Your Butt Off Fight cellulite in a fun, upbeat Zumba class at The Fitness Studio. This Latin-themed, dance-based class includes high-energy music and dance moves. Using alternating intervals of high and low rhythms, you’ll tone and sculpt your entire body by burning approximately 500-600 calories per class (7642 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, 314.863.4800).

3. Burn Baby Burn You’re guaranteed to burn a minimum of 500 calories in Sante?’s Burn 500 class. In this high-intensity session, you’ll focus on building strength with plyometrics (fast, powerful movements like jump squats and quick lunges) while keeping your heart rate in the fat-burning range for most of the hour (212 N. Kingshighway Blvd., Central West End, 314.633.3020).

4. Blast Away that Belly Get a worship-worthy body with Bellydancing classes at Fitness Factory. Learn classical Egyptian belly dance while sustaining a mid-level heart rate throughout the class by moving through a sequence of moderate-impact moves. The result: improved posture, flexibility, stamina and increased core strength and muscle tone (1314 Washington Ave., Downtown, 314.241.2700).

5. Push It Real Good Get arms that are dangerous, legs too legit to quit, and carve out a six-pack with Tupac, all in the choreography-based Hip-Hop class at The Fitness Studio. Set to the hottest pop tunes, you’ll recreate your favorite music video dance moves while getting a total body workout and having the most fun you’ve ever had in a cardio class (7642 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, 314.863.4800).

6. Seal of Approval Sculpt the body you’ve always wanted with Navy Seal Training in Rock Workout’s TRX Bootcamp. Led by master TRX trainers, you’ll utilize incredible suspended training equipment (think parachute straps hanging from the ceiling with handles for your hands and feet) to get the maximum possible benefit from every movement. Using your own full body weight as the machine, you’ll work every muscle group to improve stability, balance and range of motion while building muscle mass. Since it’s not uncommon to burn up to 800 calories in one class, you’ll see quick results in a short time (3001 Locust St., Suite 103, Downtown, 314.531.7625).

7. Gonna Make You Sweat You’ll really get the calories burning in the Drills To Make You Sweat class at Club Fitness. Alternating cardio exercises and weight-training drills keep your body moving for a high-intensity experience. You’ll burn fat and continue to burn calories throughout the day by building permanent muscle mass (multiple locations, clubfitness.com).





Photo credit: Photo by Brian Fagnani

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