Budweiser Sign Gets a Brighter Future

 In Culture


Wednesday afternoon was a tad nippy, but that didn’t stop the energy flowing through the atmosphere at Anheuser-Busch as a crowd of supporters gathered to watch the re-lighting of the iconic Budweiser sign which sits atop the Soulard brewery’s Bevo building.

Anheuser-Busch recently announced that it would be updating the iconic sign, which has been a St. Louis landmark for more than three decades (since 1979, to be exact), to bring it into the environmentally-friendly 21st century.

Coming in at 150-feet long, the sign now uses LED technology lighting rather than its neon predecessor, which is not only brighter, but also estimated to be 60 percent more energy efficient. Still, the sign retains that signature font and classic red—both of which were also used on Budweiser packaging in the year the sign originally went up.

This momentous step for the brewery was definitely felt throughout the atmosphere at the buzzing lighting ceremony as attendees enjoyed music, pizza, hot chocolate and, of course, the flagship Budweiser beer.

One common theme surging through the lighting ceremony was the importance of community, which Vice President of Supply Pete Kraemer pressed: “I think it really represents what we do here. It’s a bright sign, it’s big and it has our biggest brand on it—our Budweiser—which is all our heritage. I think it tells a lot about what we do, and is a great symbol to the community.”

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