Bubble-Grunge Band Charly Bliss to Perform At The Demo

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Brooklyn bubble-grunge four-piece Charly Bliss comes to St. Louis June 17 to perform at the Demo STL.

Charly Bliss is fun, feel-good music with a raw edge that is familiar and easy. Eva Hendricks (singer) is full of personality on stage, jumping and kicking her way through rockin’ guitar riffs and sweet, but gritty vocals. The A.V. Club says Hendricks is “as though she were the result of a laboratory fusion of Eddie Vedder and a punk-rock cheerleader.”


Photo courtesy of Charly Bliss

The band has opened for Sleater-Kinney, Tokyo Police Club, Glass Animals and Veruca Salt. Plus, their live show—as STL will soon experience for itself—has been praised by audiences for its high energy and charisma. Learn more about them in this Q+A!

How did the band originate?
We’ve all been friends for a really long time! Sam and Eva are brother and sister, Dan and Spencer met at summer camp when they were 10 years old, and Spencer and Eva met at a Tokyo Police Club show in 2009. Spencer convinced Eva to start writing songs and the band formed officially in 2011!

Your sound is described as ‘bubble grunge’. What inspired your style? 
We’ve always wanted to make music that is fun to listen to and to go see live. We all have a ton of goofy energy, especially when we’re together, and I think that informs a lot of what we write and how we act at our shows.

How do you typically write a song as a group?
Usually one person comes to the group with some form of a song, and then we arrange it and work through it together. It’s always super collaborative, and regardless of how close or far away the song is from being done initially, we all sort of get our hands on it and leave our mark.

How often are you guys on the road touring? How has that affected your life?
Since last July, we’ve been going on tour every couple of months. For the most part, all of our bosses have been super understanding and supportive! So in terms of work stuff, we’ve been super lucky. Beyond that, it’s just been really fun to see more of the country and spend lots of time together!

What is a favorite moment in your career? A great video session, festival, opening act?
The shows that we played with Veruca Salt last summer were by far the biggest shows we had ever played at that point. We experienced a lot of “firsts” on that tour and got to do it with one of our all-time favorite bands, so it was definitely a pretty magical time for us.

Watch a live performance here, and be sure to check them out June 17! 

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