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By Mackenzie Taylor
In Culture

At the moment when you step inside projects+gallery in the Central West End, you’ll walk across soft gray carpet with a light “thump, thump, thump” as you tread forward looking at the work by British artists Fantich&Young. Two figures will be staring back at you in their gorgeous and quite over-the-top dress and suit, hockey gloves, masks and most unusually teeth. Along the walls sit china cabinets filled with different objects–some quite dainty, like children’s shoes and others with a harder edge, like a Louisville Slugger–but all with the same intriguing white dentures covering the surfaces. The space, which a month before didn’t have carpet nor dying plants, was redesigned specifically for the Fantich&Young show.


Hideki Seo in projects+gallery. Photo by Attilio d’Agostino

“Our concept is to recreate the gallery every single time. So every time, there is a new show opening, it’s a completely new experience. The first time with Hideki Seo everything was black, white and red with massive sculptures of his and it was really a Japanese aesthetic. The second show we had was Larry Krone, where we had hay all over the place and a big tractor. The artists also bring in music and video components, so we’re very much about bringing people in for an experience, much more so than coming into a white wall gallery,” Dorte Probstein, director of projects+gallery explains.

The gallery is affiliated with Barrett Barrera Projects, a consulting firm founded by Susan Barrett, which specializes in arts, culture and contemporary fashion–something projects+gallery fully embodies. “We represent artists who are really between fashion and art,” Probstein notes. Walking throughout the space, anyone can see that’s the case. From the pieces hanging in the back office of Kate Moss with orange and blue paint splashed across her face to the hip hop portraits painted in a scene from art history, projects+gallery showcases the different aspects of fashion and art all along the gallery walls.

The intermix of international, national and local designers is a huge part of the gallery and something Probstein makes sure to highlight when choosing artists to present their work in the gallery space on McPherson Ave. “Bringing the two elements of local and international together is extremely important. Some people have this misconception of local being homemade and it’s not. Just because it’s made in St. Louis doesn’t mean that it’s going to be better or worse than something made in New York,” she comments, which holds true based on the upcoming events happening in the space.

While “Apex Predator” will be on display until the end of this month, projects+gallery has an assortment of other art and fashion events happening, including their Holiday Season Pop-Up Boutique running until January 16. National and local jewelry designers Selin Kent, Maria Black, Diaboli Kill, Molly Douglas and Hyper Haute will be selling select items from their collections. With all the support the gallery gives to both local, national and international artists, it’s easy to see why there are so many individuals striving to be part of their space.

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