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When Urban Chestnut opened the wrought-iron gates to its new beer garden this summer, it continued a St. Louis tradition dating from the early 1800s—and did so in traditional German style. Instead of patio furniture, guests sit at long community tables, sharing benches with friends and strangers alike. It’s a great way to stay connected to your neighbors while quaffing your favorite brew, served in half-or full-liter glass steins imported from Germany. There is a deposit required to use the glass steins (or your credit card is held until you return the stein safely to the bar)—another German tradition.
Urban Chestnut offers four beers outdoors: Zwickel, Chestnut Ale, Schnickelfritz and Hopfen IPA. Satisfy your hunger with brats, wieners, mustards (also imported) and giant pretzels from companion bakery. Or, try the Farmer’s Cheese plate with imported Swiss and Obatzda Brie, which is perfect for spreading on pretzels. If you prefer something that’s not on the beer garden menu, no problem—anything served indoors can be carried outside to enjoy al fresco. Beer garden seating is open anytime the brewery is—often with the added benefit of live music on weekends—but outdoor service is limited to 6-11pm Mon.-Thu. and 6pm- 1am Fri.-Sat. (3229 Washington Ave., 314.222.0143,

Courtesy of Urban Chestnut

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