Blissoma Visits The ALIVE Offices

 In Culture

The last five days were dubbed “wellness week” in the ALIVE offices as we all tried to achieve more balance through body and mind. To make it easier, Julie Longyear, founder of Blissoma Holistic Skincare & Apothecary paid our office a visit to share her wisdom on how to achieve beauty that’s not only skin deep.


As Longyear shared the story of Blissoma with us, she explained the importance of using botanical-based skincare that doesn’t include the harsh chemicals of regular, drugstore products. Choosing skincare that doesn’t include parabens, petroleum and other chemicals not only saves your skin but can improve your overall health. “Letting even a small amount of chemicals seep into your skin over time can cause long-term health effects like infertility,” she explains.


As a vegan, natural skincare provider, Blissoma uses only safe plant-based ingredients like the olive leaf, marshmallow root and variety of oils and powders pictured above.


After learning about the extended health benefits of living a more holistic lifestyle from Longyear, many of the ALIVE staffers were ready to throw out their chemical-based skincare products in exchange for something pure.

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