Behind The Scenes With Cardinals Pitcher Trevor Rosenthal

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Rain sprinkled outside as we set up our July cover shoot in Ballpark Village’s Budweiser Brew House with photographer Attilio D’Agostino and Fashion Editor, Sarah Stallmann. When our cover star arrived in jeans and casually strolled into the Brew House, an onlooker may have mistaken him for an everyday St. Louisan and not a pitching powerhouse on the verge of baseball stardom.

Read on for a behind the scenes look at our cover star, young Cardinals pitcher Trevor RosenthalCardinals Nation TV was also on the scene to capture the video below, of our pre-shoot prep process.

Wardrobe styling

Styling a baseball player has its unique challenges, “The key to wardrobe in the shoot with Trevor was the color palette. I had to be aware of the background that we were shooting against in the Budweiser Lounge, as well as pick a collection that would complement Trevor’s blond hair and athletic build. The most important aspect for me was to help him stand out as a fashionable male and allow people to really see the personality beyond the Cardinals uniform,” recalls Stallmann.

Trevor Rosenthal, Cardinals Baseball

Rosenthal chatted with writer Amy De La Hunt, while D’Agostino perfected the lighting for his first shots.

Trevor Rosenthal Budweiser lounge

The teamed moved quickly around the Budweiser Lounge, setting up equipment and preparing the space. Rosenthal was quick with a smile and tossed a ball around between shots, while De La Hunt quizzed him about life as a closer.

MLB baseball

Trevor Rosenthal photo shoot

Shortly after the above shot was taken, the room was filled with the loud siren of a fire alarm. We were all ushered into the street with a crowd of Cardinal fans, but Rosenthal remained unruffled. Perhaps saving games in front of 40,000 fans on any given evening prepares one for surprises. He made jokes and chatted with Executive Editor Jennifer Dulin Wiley about his new daughter, Chloe, while we waited for the all clear.

Trevor Rosenthal Cardinals

While shooting, Stallmann and Wiley looked on as D’Agostino made adjustments for his final shot that would soon be on the cover of ALIVE. Even after hours of shooting, the handsome Rosenthal was happy, humble and thoughtful. As we wrapped up, he thanked the crew and hurried next door to Busch Stadium to get in some batting practice and go to work!

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All photos by Rachel Brandt

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