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Amidst the explosion of hair-care amenities across St. Louis, from Ladue’s blow dry bars to state-of-the-art expansions of established salons and spas, Jerry Dial brings a fresh perspective with his new Brentwood salon, Cheveux. French for “hair,” Cheveux strips out all of the extras and focuses on just that—hair styling and coloring. You won’t find a manicurist or massage therapist here, but that’s just fine with Dial—he intends to focus on the highest quality of hair services, supported by a truly expert staff. Dial, with over a decade of experience as a stylist at Christopher’s Hair Salon in Clayton, is joined by color specialist Bonni Gogel and hair and color designer Lois Bryant. But don’t worry about missing out on the latest in hair care due to the lack of frills—Dial’s gone all out to bring clients the most cutting-edge technologies in hair care, including speedy color processing machines that ensure you’ll still have time to squeeze in your mani-pedi at a nearby spa.




Photo credit: Kalie Long

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