Astrology Insight: Should I Keep Doing What I Love?

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You’ve seen Barry Kerr’s work on before through his introductions to the basics of astrology. In this series, Astrology Insight, we’re inviting St. Louis to ask Barry questions about life, love, work and astrology. Armed with your birthday, location and birth time, each month Barry will read your chart to find the answers. Submit your questions to Astrology Insight.

Anxious About Career:  A couple years ago, I got burned out on my computer tech career, which I’m really good at, and I quit. I’d saved enough money to get by for a while without an income. During this time, I’ve followed my heart with volunteer work and hobbies and discovered that I love to work with my hands, with animals, building things. Give me a few different items and I want to create something with them. I feel alive! But now I’m out of money and have taken another part-time tech position to begin in two weeks. I’m feeling very anxious, and memories of my parents’ expectations for my successful career haunt me. I don’t want to go back to what I was doing. What can you tell me?



Dear Anxious,
Take a deep breath and relax. Life is giving you some important clues as to how to build a fulfilling life, and it may be very different than you previously thought.

Giving yourself these past two years to explore your bliss was right on target. Your progressed Moon has been in Aries, moving through your 9th house during this time, indicating a need to explore, expand, and seek your truth about your personal ambitions and desires. When it moves into your 10th house next March, you will feel both a desire and support for integrating these recently gained truths into your sense of possibilities for “career” as you move forward. Then, next August, as your Moon progresses into Taurus, you’ll begin to feel some real possibilities for manifesting your longings.

I put quote marks around the word career, above, because in this lifetime, “career” for you is not meant to be what the world commonly considers it to mean. Pisces rules your natal 10th house of career and worldly purpose. Pisces is the sign that aligns with our abilities to transcend this worldly reality and experience our selves as spiritual beings, souls, connected to all that is. Whatever house it rules in our birth chart is therefore kept somewhat ambiguous, hidden, and without clear, definitive borders. So you see, Anxious, you are not meant to have a traditional career path. More likely, you chose, as a soul, to give yourself the possibilities for keeping that part of life open and flexible, allowing you to follow your intuitions toward your worldly achievements. Indeed, one could say that your “career” is to follow your spiritual bliss.

Now when we back up and look at the overall plan your soul created for this lifetime, your North Node in the 12th house indicates that your path to soul evolution, and therefore life fulfillment, is very much in the earthy, materialist, hands-on sign of Taurus. Taurus loves to build things, grow things, and care for animals. In the 12th house, it gets directed as a grounded path, in body and form, to attaining spiritual balance and enlightenment.

Your natal Saturn in Pisces in the 10th house echoes this same theme. It was retrograde (appearing to move backwards), so it’s taken longer than usual for Saturn to have it’s affect in your life plan. Additionally, your Chiron sits right there with Saturn. Chiron represents your primary wounding in life. In Pisces in the 10th house, this reflects your parents’ expectations for your career success and has been a source of your inner anxiety about that. To heal this early wounding in life, you have needed to free your self of your past life patterns (South Node in Scorpio) of emotional dependency on others to validate your worth and purpose. This has required you to go inward, connecting to the intuitive influences of your soul to bring you the knowings, feelings and experiences that guide you to your bliss. That IS your career, whether you are paid for it or not and no matter whether family, friends or society values it as such. With Chiron returning to it’s original point in your birth chart this year, this would be an excellent time for you to seek help through energy healing work, therapy, or other modalities to let go of old patterns, build your self worth, and strengthen practices that increase your inner spiritual awareness.

Currently, Neptune is transiting your 10th house. Neptune rules Pisces, so for these next ten years, there is natural energy to support an integration of your inner mystic into your own understandings of worldly purpose. Also, as transiting Saturn is moving through your 6th house for another two years, it brings better clarity and purpose to your world of work and service.
So, Anxious, you may need to dip into your natural techie talents for a while to bring in some needed cash, but don’t get hung up on it. That’s just you being self-responsible for survival within your own, self-determined standards. If it’s a part-time position, you’ll have some room for further intuitive exploring so you can begin the process of creating a lifestyle and “career” that aligns with your earthy, creative longings. The key is to listen to your higher self, know that you are already worthy, and trust the universe to respond.


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