Astrology Insight: Is It Selfish For A Mom To Pursue Her Passions?

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You’ve seen Barry Kerr’s work on before through his introductions to the basics of astrology. In this series, Astrology Insight, we’re inviting St. Louis to ask Barry questions about life, love, work and astrology. Armed with your birthday, location and birth time, each month Barry will read your chart to find the answers.

Feeling Selfish

Feeling Selfish In The Midwest: I very much enjoyed a career in the arts prior to my wonderful marriage and family. I have no desire to live in NYC or LA again but I miss my work. I fear that pursuing more work will take me away from my family and in particular, I won’t be there for my children. Would it be too selfish for a mom to travel and pursue her passions when her children want her to be at their soccer games and field trips (I don’t HAVE to work)? 

Dear FSinM,

Based on your unique birth chart, as it turns out, “feeling selfish” is exactly what your soul planned to learn in this lifetime. In past lives, you lived primarily for relationships, which was great for you in those lives because it was what you were there to learn. However, in this life, a karmic balancing is needed. Your North Node in Aries indicates that your fulfillment in this lifetime comes by learning to be more self-assertive, self-directed and self-focused.

That seems to run afoul of what our religious and cultural morals have taught us, yet if astrology teaches us anything, it’s that life is about balancing dualities. Knowing how much and when to lean into self is just as important to well-being as is knowing how much and when to lean into other. You, dear mom, need to widen your perspective and lean into your self more. Don’t worry about going overboard. Your past life tendencies won’t let you.

None of this is to say your choice to create a family was off the mark or a waste. It wasn’t at all. Indeed, what you have created there is an appropriately challenging context within which you must now learn to integrate the lessons of positive selfishness you gained in your younger years.

Your chart is full of fire, the element of inspiration and action. With your Rising Sign, Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Leo, the sign of creative expression, you can’t help yourself. You MUST create art! But notice that your Moon is in your 12th house and Sagittarius rules your 5th house of creativity. This indicates an emotional need for soulful depth and meaning in your artistic endeavors. Have you discovered that yet? It’s the key to how the rest of your artistic life pans out.

Your Aries north node is in your 9th house, the house of travel, exploration and higher meaning. It’s part of your soul plan to travel, so no wonder you are feeling the urge again. However, if you haven’t already, you might consider the inner travels that come through metaphysical books and groups, meditation and the like. It could inspire your artistry in new directions and allow you to remain closer to home and family. If, as you said, you don’t HAVE to work, then art doesn’t have to be about money or “success,” does it? With your Sun and Mercury in Libra in your 3rd house of education, you might consider teaching some form of higher meaning through artistry.

Your progressed Moon is about to enter your 9th house for two years. It’s a good time to “travel” and explore. In two years, your transits will be supporting you in establishing a new sense of purpose and identity to your life and will be bringing an expanded awareness of how to apply more wisdom to the way you do home, family and creativity. (A full birth chart reading could give you a better understanding of these dynamics).

So, FSinM, take care of your SELF and enjoy the adventure. It’s your soul’s plan.

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Images courtesy of Barry Kerr.

Images courtesy of Barry Kerr.

Barry Kerr is a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer and life coach, with 35 years of experience and an international clientele. He and his wife, Kristine Gay, a licensed therapist, are owners and practitioners at Choose Conscious Living in Madison, Wisconsin. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. They offer healing, coaching, therapy and astrology services. Barry offers astrology readings, coaching and healing by phone or Skype. Want more information? Contact Barry at

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