Arts + Culture Events To Attend This Weekend: Jan. 29-31

Looking for something to do this weekend to make the first month of 2016 even more memorable? The arts and culture scene in St. Louis is booming with events. After you get through this list, you’ll have a hard time choosing how to spend the last weekend of January.

photo by Mike Petrucci

photo courtesy of Mike Petrucci

Jan. 23- Mar. 19: “Traces”
This motorcycle-themed exhibit features a 50-foot-long mural by local artist Jacob Berkowitz as well as work by Hubert Dobler, who is known for his unusual use of burnt rubber in his art.
2727 S 12th St., Soulard 

Jan. 22- Feb. 27: “Reclamation 2”
By transforming trash to art Basil Kincaid explores the relationship between environmentalism and community, with a particular emphasis in this exhibit on the relationship between African and American identity.
2701 Cherokee St., Cherokee Street

Jan. 22-Feb. 27: “Know Yourself”
This ghostwritten exhibition was created by a group of artists and explores the ideas of credit and ownership.
2701 Cherokee St., Cherokee Street

Jan. 29: Opening Reception for “Color”
Philip Slein Gallery hosts an opening for its latest exhibit, “Color,” featuring works from the Gallery Minus Space, a Brooklyn-based gallery known for its reductive and abstract art. This exhibit invites viewers to consider the strength of color in how it can influence mood and emotion.
4735 McPherson Ave., Central West End

Jan. 29: Confessions of a Craft Addict: Yael Shomroni
St. Louis’ Yael Shomroni will be participating in a series of low-key presentations by local artists. Her work is currently featured in the teapot-themed “Interpretations” exhibit. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to her speak about her process.
6640 Delmar Blvd., Delmar Loop

 Jan. 29: “Shining City” by Upstream Theater
It’s the premiere of Upstream Theater’s “Shining City” with Guest Director Toni Dorfman. We can’t give too much away, but there’s a therapist who used to be a priest and a dark secret involved. Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls the play “… quiet, haunting and absolutely glorious …”
501 N. Grand Blvd., Grand Center

Jan. 29: SLAM Underground: Choose Your Own Adventure
Experience Saint Louis Art Museum in a way you usually don’t get to. Meander through the museum with a cocktail from the cash bar, dance to 18andCounting and SO MANY DYNAMOS, create your own art in the Art Lab and play a Choose Your Own Adventure game inspired by the Ladd Brothers.
1 Fine Arts Dr., Forest Park

Jan. 29: “The Perceptive Mechanism”
Saturday marks the last day of “The Perceptive Mechanism,” an exhibition of student work from the Graduate School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University. There’s no theme for the show, so each artist was given liberty to create whatever he or she wanted. It will likely be the most diverse show of the weekend.
501 N. Grand Blvd., Grand Center

Jan. 29: “Haute Hip-Hop” Opening
Artists Tyler Boye, Jermaine Clark, Marilyn Minter and many, many more come together to celebrate hip-hop and its increasing influence on art, culture and fashion.
4733 McPherson Ave., Central West End

Jan. 29: Spring 2016 Opening Celebration
Be among the first to view exhibitions “To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare” and “Abodes of Plenty: American Art of the Inhabited Landscape.” The former focuses on drone warfare and surveillance while the latter highlights houses in the American wilderness.
1 Brookings Dr., University City

Jan. 29: “Above and Beyond”
The Saint Louis Science Center kicks off its first weekend of “Above and Beyond.” You’ll learn all about modern flight through the fun, interactive exhibit.
5050 Oakland Ave., Kings Oak

Jan. 29: Barry Leibman, “Imaginary Gardens, A Collection of Recent Works” Barry Leibman has always had a passion for musicians and composers, and his new collection of paintings titled “Imaginary Gardens” reflects that interest. He imagines the gardens of a variety of musicians such as Thelonious Monk, John Cage and Vivaldi and paints the scene sometimes abstracted, sometimes aerially but always representative of the individual.
4729 McPherson Ave., Central West End

Jan. 29-30: “Alchemia”
Dancer-illusionist group MOMIX celebrates the art of alchemy by combining earth, air, water and fire in a magical performance titled “Alchemia.”
1 University Blvd., Bellerive

Jan. 30: Photographing the Ultimate Event
Stan Strembicki, photographer and professor of art at the Sam Fox School at Washington University, describes his 25 years of experience photographing Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, and his technical and conceptual approaches to capturing an event of this scale
3415 Olive Street, Grand Center

Jan. 30: Curator Conversation: Svea Braunert and Meredith Malone
You’ll doubtless still be thinking about the opening of “To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare” when you wake up the next day. Join the artists in a discussion about the exhibit to get your thoughts out.
1 Brookings Dr., University City

Update: Bleta Jahaj Opening Ceremony and Talk
Swiss artist Bleta Jahaj was scheduled to talk about her first solo exhibit at Parapet Real Humans on Jan. 26, but winter storm Jonas has trapped her in New York City. Her opening event and talk has been rescheduled for Feb. 4. Look for more details on next week’s art + culture roundup!

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