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The newly formed St. Louis Arts Alliance held its first performance this summer, bringing together dancers, musicians and visual artists with styles ranging from classical to modern. The organization’s creators, cellist Emily T. Lane and ballet dancer/choreographer Alberto Gaspart, founded the alliance with the hope of providing well-organized, thought-provoking and free artistic events to the community.

Lane sees St. Louis Arts Alliance as having a three-fold purpose. It serves its initial goal, to unite artists of various genres and help them thrive, but it also provides great art to the community for free. The organization is also working on raising funds to offer art scholarships for kids.

St. Louis Arts Alliance’s first performance, “Mort et Renaissance,” took place June 28 at Lab 1500, featuring dancers from St. Louis Ballet, Common Threads Dance Company and MADCO, with costumes by Michael Drummond, live musical accompaniment and the world premiere of the film “Nightfall on Neptune.” The next event is coming in October, with details to be announced soon.

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Photo credit: Kalie Long

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