Artist Workshop: Sahgol Jewelry And Apparel Company

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Whether it be for our art, our work or simply our day-to-day life, we are all looking for inspiration. Latonja Flowers of  Sahgol Jewelry and Apparel Company recently gave us the rare opportunity to take an intimate peek inside her work space and let us in on what gets her creative juices flowing. We were left with a refreshed sense of artistic vision and we hope you are too.

sahgol workspace

All photos courtesy of Sahgol

She designs jewelry and T-shirts for her artisan business and she got started, like most artists, creating things for herself. “I started by making jewelry for myself and from doing that, I had requests from others. Eventually my business emerged.”


Flowers has a dedicated studio space in her basement but most of her work gets done near her light, airy kitchen: “The room beside my kitchen is where most things happen. I also like to sit outside and work when the weather permits.”


Obviously, Flowers is inspired by light and nature. We were curious what else inspired her. “What doesn’t inspire me? Life is so vibrant, always waiting to grab my attention when I wake in the morning. Nature inspires me most, and patterns. Sometimes, when I design, I am not sure how I just give into it when it happens. Then, I give thanks for the ability to create whatever it is.”


Sahgol Jewelry and Apparel Company has been the platform for Flowers’ designs since 2008. We’re happy that at Handmade Happy Hour: Summer In The City on July 26, we’ll be able to shop her colorful, earthy designs. Also, Flowers is generously offering ALIVE readers 10 percent off if they say, “LIVE” at her booth at Handmade Happy Hour.

Shop Sahgol Jewelry and other handmade, locally sourced and ethically imported goods at Handmade Happy Hour: Summer In The City on July 26. Find more info about the event on Facebook. 

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