Area Fashion Design Programs Announce Spring Fashion Show Dates

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With a passion for developing future design talent, St. Louis area fashion schools offer a great platform for students to get real world experience in the industry. A big part of that experience is developing a look or looks that can be displayed to the public and critiqued by team of professionals, earning unbeatable exposure and advice for each aspiring designer. Here are a few end-of-the-year fashion show events that plan to show off the talent of several of those students:

Photo courtesy of Sam Fox School of Design.

Photo courtesy of Sam Fox School of Design.

April 24: Washington University Fashion Show
Washington University’s Sam Fox School has long been on the national radar thanks to an impressive list of graduates that include Paul Dillinger of Levi Strauss and Jordana Warmflash of Novis. Join them on April 24 (location TBA) for their annual fashion design show that will award students with a variety of honors like the Silver Ripper Award and Silver Scissors Designer of the Year.

May 1: Lift For Life Academy Fashion Show
The annual Lift For Life Academy Fashion Show has quickly turned into the who’s who of the St. Louis philanthropic scene thanks to an inspiring roster of high school-level students who create looks that are available for purchase, with proceeds going toward the program and education of children from high-risk backgrounds. This year, the event falls on Sunday, May 1 and will take place as part of a luncheon event at the Ritz, chaired by Dorte Probstein and Mary Ann Srenco.

May 7: Lindenwood University Fashion Show
Lindenwood University hosts their annual fashion show event on May 7 at Mercedes Benz St Louis, featuring senior and graduate collections that have been presented and judged by a group of industry professionals.


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