Angela LaRocca Going Back Undercover in NYC Performance of One-Woman Show

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When we first introduced Angela LaRocca to ALIVE readers, she was preparing to perform her one-woman show at the inaugural St. Lou Fringe Festival in 2012. Even back then she was hoping to take the show to New York, and after packing the house for three consecutive shows at Fringe, that dream seemed closer than ever. With a little script-polishing and submissions to several festivals, the dream has become a reality. LaRocca will perform “Undercover Undergrad” at the Network One-Act Festival in NYC this weekend.

Angela LaRocca in Undercover Undergrad Courtesy of Angela LaRocca

Angela LaRocca in Undercover Undergrad
Courtesy of Angela LaRocca

“Undercover Undergrad” is about LaRocca’s experience going back to college after taking five-and-a-half years off to move to Los Angeles. “Five years is a very long time,” LaRocca says. “Just ask my mom and dad.” But the lengthy absence made her more appreciative of the opportunity, and she became an inspired student the second time around, even making the Dean’s list. This time, Larocca notes, she was there because she wanted to be there.

Fortunately, “inspired” doesn’t mean not funny. LaRocca found plenty of funny classroom experiences from which to draw on for her show, four of which make the four acts of the play. Each tells a different story that took place in a classroom with LaRocca portraying all of the characters—teachers, students, herself—and jumping back and forth between microphones.

“Everything is based on real people and real experiences,” LaRocca says. “By returning to college the second time, I was so inspired with everything going on around me that the writer in me had no choice but to recreate the experiences somehow.”

The project is driven by passion, and she donates a large percentage of ticket sales to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Sharing is just something that comes naturally to LaRocca, it seems. “Everything around us is an opportunity to create something and this experience in my life is something that I want to share with people.”

“Undercover Undergrad” with Angela LaRocca will be performed during the Network One-Act Festival, The Network Theatre, NYC, on Friday, January 31, and Saturday, February 1. For more information, visit the Network Theatre website.

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