An Evening with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper: An Intersection of Politics and Pop Culture

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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper will be entertaining the crowd at The Fabulous Fox on Oct. 15 with their “Deep Talk And Shallow Tales” tour.  Cohen, dapper and charming as ever, had met Cooper through a phone conversation years earlier (a blind date was proposed 20 years ago that did not materialize) and greeted the journalists at The Fox Theatre to talk about the forthcoming show and conversation:

Photo by Glenn Kulbako.

Photo by Glenn Kulbako.

“I’m so excited about this. We’re here Oct. 15, and we’ve been waiting for the right date … and of course, the Cardinals will be in the playoffs. It’s an exciting time in St. Louis. As a matter of fact, we’ve been on tour for a year now, and we held St. Louis back a little bit because we wanted the show to be as great as it could be when we hit The Fabulous Fox.”

When asked where Cohen would be taking Cooper around our fair city, he replied, “Well, I would love to take him to a Cardinal game. I feel good about the playoffs. I want him to have some provel cheese, maybe Carl’s, Steak and Shake, Sub Zero, Companion Bakehouse. Those are just a few places.”

St. Louis can expect a night of two great raconteurs telling tales of hard news and pop culture, taking questions from the audience, as well as getting to see Cohen and Cooper interact with one another on topics ranging from politics to humor. We are as excited about this event as Mr. Cohen is about the Cardinal’s potential place in the playoffs.  “It’s like you’re going out to a bar with us,” remarked Cohen, regarding the playfulness of “Deep Talk And Shallow Tales.”

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