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Devil City opens a showroom dedicated to developing creativity and capturing the national market.

APPROACHING THEIR FOURTH YEAR in business, Devil City owners Deborah and Brad Fink have launched their newest venture—a showroom and co-op space at 6267 Delmar, just east of the retail store’s Delmar Loop location. In an effort to evolve with the national market, the pair swiftly decided to focus on developing and nurturing not one, but three wholesale Devil City lines.
Since opening the boutique storefront in 2011, Devil City has specialized in a unique selection of American-made clothing, shoes and accessories. In addition to its staple graphic tee line—based on Brad’s original tattoo artwork—and cut-and-sew Devil City womenswear line, the Finks have also announced the relaunch of their children’s collection, Frad Bink, offering graphic tees and onesies in various sizes from infant to youth. All three lines are designed on-site, created and assembled right here in St. Louis.
When the decision to focus on wholesale came about, the Finks knew they needed more space. “It takes a team of people to operate three clothing lines, a retail store and a website,” Deborah says. “Between photographers, graphic artists, hair and makeup…we needed more room to be creative.” The perfect location fell into their laps soon after the premiere of the Devil City womenswear line during Saint Louis Fashion Week’s street festival, Style in the Loop last fall. “It’s actually the space we used to prep the models for the runway show,” Deborah explains. “It’s large and has huge windows overlooking Delmar that provide much-needed natural light.” The unused second-story retail space just happened to be the property of Style in the Loop co-founder, Mary Gorman. “The timing was perfect,” Deborah says.
The showroom opened in early February, allowing guests to shop the Devil City spring lines, as well as preview the summer collections of both Frad Bink kids and the Devil City women’s line. The new venture not only provides more space for the Finks to grow and develop their brands in-house, but they also want to create an inviting area for artists of all mediums. “We want this to be an open, creative space that can be used by artists to grow and collaborate. Fashion co-ops have been very successful in other cities, and we want to bring that quality to St. Louis,” Deborah says. She hopes the showroom will encourage the sharing of resources, new connections and work by trade. 6267 Delmar Blvd., The Loop,

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