ALIVE's Attilio D'Agostino To Be Featured In Photography Book

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ALIVE is thrilled to announce that our very own Fashion Director and Cofounder, Attilio D’Agostino, has been chosen as one of 11 photographers to be featured in an extraordinary book project!

For more than two years, South African artist and photographer Lawrence van Niekerk has published a photo blog called The Quiet Front, highlighting provocative and artistic photography that moves him. So deeply impassioned by the artists’ work, he decided to raise support through Indiegogo to publish a book of their photography.

In the words of van Niekerk:

“It’s a reflection of the work that I love most in the world – provocative and artistic photography that moves me, makes me think and makes me dream. I believe in personal and creative freedom and nothing moves me more than seeing artists doing the work they love.”

TheQuietFront Book

“The Quiet Front – Book 1,” will include D’Agostino’s work alongside the work of 10 other photographers. The plan is for the book to be published digitally first as high-quality PDF e-books, and to continue to produce books with other artists, and at the end of each year to compile them into a physical book.

Attilio D'Agostino photograph Quiet Front

The project is trying to raise $14,000 by June 1 through its Indiegogo campaign.

The funds will go toward paying the contributing artists to create their work “with no regard for anything but their own vision.” That’s something we can get behind. Help us make it happen!

Follow Attilio D’Agostino’s work on Tumblr.

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