#ALIVEHoliday: 5 Clear Tips For Hitting Your 2015 Goals

By Rachel Brandt
In Culture

You may remember Kourtney Thomas of Lagniappe Fitness from our #31DaysofMovement campaign in July. We’ve tapped her knowledge again to bring you five clear tips and a wealth of advice on taking a new approach when it comes to resolutions.

Photo courtesy of Kourtney Thomas of Lagniappe Fitness.

Photo courtesy of Kourtney Thomas of Lagniappe Fitness.

“Every single year, it’s ‘New Year, New You’ and ‘2015: Your Best Year Yet!’ These headlines are a bit much. They just make you think, what was so wrong with my year this year? Why do I need to be new next year? Really, we’re doing alright. The new year does bring a mindset shift, so me may as well embrace it. The key is to use it to our advantage, ” Thomas says.

So, how do we use it to our advantage? Thomas says to create objectives with purpose. Setting a realistic, achievable goal is key.

1/ Get away from weight-related goals. Focus on what you want your body to do and how you want to feel.

2/ Get out of the diet trap. There are no good diets. Eat real, whole food in moderation.

3/ Get moving. Move for at least 30 minutes a few times per week.

4/ Get serious about what you can maintain forever. Not a month, not until you go on spring break.

5/ Think big picture. Don’t worry about exactly how many sets and reps you will be doing each day, or how many ounces of grilled chicken to eat for lunch. Those things will come later.


Let’s break it down.

1/ Something your body can do: Run a 5K. Play in a kickball league. Learn curling. Carry a 28-pound child all day through the zoo. Deadlift 300 pounds. How you want your body to feel: Strong and less fatigued with regular activity.

2/ Menu plan for the week every Sunday, including all meals and snacks. Do your shopping all at once, not day by day. Eat breakfast every single day. Pack your lunch three days a week. Limit alcoholic beverages to the weekends. #Protip: Don’t go to Costco and buy a giant package of tiny bags of chips.

3/ Book three sessions with a personal trainer or take a new kind of exercise class. Sign up for swimming lessons. Meet a friend for a run or yoga twice a week. Take a walk after dinner or walk stairs at your building on your lunch break. Join a gym or follow online workouts.

4/ Know your schedule and work within it. Schedule your time to move in your calendar. Get a workout buddy and set dates; start small and be realistic. Find the things that you enjoy doing. Try new things, but cross them off the list if they don’t work for you.

5/ Your life should not revolve around a super specific plan. Simply, move your body more and eat out less. Give yourself wiggle room when things don’t go perfectly.

Seems pretty simple right? We love Thomas’ no-nonsense approach. Final words? She says, “Break it down, don’t over-complicate things and you will see results and build success. And next year? You won’t even have to think about it.” We like the sound of that.

Kourtney Thomas is a die-hard gym-goer and runner with an affinity for headlamps, Nike, a pumping playlist and an approach to life and fitness that’s best described as “a little something extra.” She created Lagniappe Fitness to bring a little bit extra to the lives of men and women through health and fitness. Thomas is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and RRCA Certified Running Coach. She works with clients in the St. Louis area and beyond to create sustainable fitness routines that support active lifestyles.

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