#ALIVEatNYFW: Top 5 Picks From The Showroom of Style House PR

 In Style

On Wednesday, St. Louis fashion blogger Laura Heying (Weird Cult(ure)) and I made a visit to one of our favorite showrooms, Style House PR, to get the scoop on what’s hot this season in affordable retail fashion, accessories, beauty products, scents and more.

Photo by Laura Heying.

Flipping through the racks at Style House PR’s Wall Street showroom in NYC. Photo by Laura Heying.

During our exclusive sneak peek at their wide selection of offerings, we noticed a few things that have managed to squeeze their way onto our must-have list. Here’s a rundown.

Photos by Laura Heying.

1/ Faux leather and fur coat by Oasis
Oasis is a contemporary British brand known for trademark prints and feminine, flattering designs always at the forefront of the season’s top trends. US e-commerce launched in 2012.

P91163682/ Archipelago Soap on a Rope
Archipelago Botanicals is a premier home fragrance and bath/body brand, based in Los Angeles. The company is known for high-quality soy candles, natural ingredients, essential oils and superb, unique fragrances.


3/ Archipelago’s Tin Collection
Sweet scents include jasmine, tangerine, sweet pea, macaroon and more.


4/ Jamberry Nails
Jamberry Nails is a line of over 275 different, creative and fun nail wrap designs that are applied with a simple heat + pressure technique to last up to 2 weeks. They also offer custom nail art via their online Nail Art Studio, just upload your own art.


5/ Powder Pink Shearling Coat by Warehouse
Warehouse is an iconic UK “high street” brand designed for women who are passionate about fashion and have a style that’s unique and effortlessly cool. US e-commerce launched in 2012.



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