ALIVE Welcomes Sarah Stallmann As New Fashion Editor

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The ALIVE Magazine team is thrilled to announce the start of our new Fashion Editor: local fashion influencer, Sarah Stallmann.

Stallmann graduated from Lindenwood University with a BFA in Fashion Design and has since built a name for herself on the local fashion scene and beyond as an industry expert with a distinct perspective and serious style. She brings a wealth of fashion experience to the table. For several years, she has been a creative collaborator with designer Michael Drummond, she has styled countless runway shows, and is regularly tapped for her fashion blogging and retail buying expertise (as the former assistant buyer/manager at Ziezo).

We sat down with our new editor for a Q+A, to give you a little insight into her style sense and distinct perspective that are sure to shine through our pages.

ALIVE Magazine Sarah Stallman Fashion Editor

Photo by Kat Reynolds

Describe your personal style.
My style changes and evolves depending on my current inspiration, but I’m always representing iconic ’90s fashion in some way. One day, I may dress a bit sassier by channeling Kelly Bundy or Kate Moss, and the next I may feel more minimalist and refined like a young Angelica Huston. I love to have fun with clothes. It’s both a hobby and a passion.

Who are your favorite designers?
He is going to blush so hard when I say this, but Michael Drummond is my favorite designer. He is just so incredibly talented and inspiring to me. We have this amazingly creative, collaborative relationship that’s very artist-meets-muse, and his clothes are just to-die-for. A few other designers that I love and follow religiously are Jeremy Scott, Givenchy, Margiela and McQueen. There are also a lot of cool things coming out of Bushwick right now. This huge, “working class artist,” movement is happening that really inspires me.

Tell us about some of your style icons.
I like all of the ’90s style icons, from Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore, to rockers like Kathleen Hanna and Siouxsie Sioux, who is my most current inspiration. She was really a fascinating trendsetter at the time and had this perfect soft goth-grunge thing going on that I’m obsessed with.

What are a few favorite places you like to shop?
Avalon Exchange, Retro 101, Blue Bird Apparel, 10denza, CLR-MNSTR, Maude Vintage in Columbia, and every thrift store everywhere. I am a sucker for unique items that are more unconventional. I am constantly cutting, sewing and altering clothing to work for a particular outfit.

What are some key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
I recently purchased a thick gold body chain that I cannot stop wearing with everything. Also, mini backpacks.

What is your most recent fashion purchase?
I just got back from the outlets in Osage Beach where I snagged an amazing color-blocked Calvin Klein top and mini Tommy Hilfiger duffel bag. I also just purchased a bunch of wooden fish-shaped napkin rings from the thrift store that I’m going to wear as finger rings. I’m very random.

What are five things you can’t live without?
For fashion, it would be anything high-waisted, chunky gold chains, comfortable shoes, crop tops and a perfect over-sized flannel. That actually also describes my favorite outfit to wear on a regular basis.

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