ALIVE Wedding Volume II, Issue I: Adrian + Morgan

After Adrian Walker proposed to Morgan Hickman on Christmas Eve 2015, the couple visited Imo’s in St. Louis and ordered a deluxe pizza. The Walkers currently live in Oakland, California, but never hesitate to call St. Louis home, often supporting local talent, promoting the unique offerings the city has to offer, and indulging in the city as much as possible when home. Prior to and during the engagement they balanced a long-distance relationship for a little over a year. First Adrian moved to Colorado Springs for a new job while Morgan lived in St. Louis, Colorado and then New Orleans. “It was rough,” they said of the distance. “We committed to never going longer than a month without seeing each other.” Adrian eventually moved to Oakland, and by summer 2016 Morgan had relocated there as well, where they began preparing for their October wedding.

Adrian Morgan Walker Wedding 3

Collaboration, creativity and humor are at the core of the couple’s five-year relationship: they share a love of food, music, fashion and art. The Walkers also enjoy creating memorable experiences for themselves and others, from planning group trips to attending music festivals and crafting creative projects. Last fall they collaborated on their first art installation in Oakland, titling their project, “The Living Room.” Morgan commemorated the experience with a celebratory Instagram photo of the couple, with the caption: “It’s a really great feeling to see two visions come together in ways you didn’t expect. All the fussing and eye-rolling was so worth it. All the trips to San Francisco were worth it.

Adrian Morgan Walker Wedding 1

All the debates about what this should and shouldn’t be were worth it. I love you and look forward to all the other things that will most definitely be worth it.” The couple wed during an intimate ceremony on Oct. 15, 2016 in St. Louis at the .ZACK in Grand Center, followed by a reception. After pictures, the couple quickly changed into their sneakers, mingled with guests and danced to their favorite tunes by DJ Nico, with a playlist that was such a hit they emailed it to guests a week later. The next day, they traveled to the Bahamas for a well-deserved vacation and honeymoon.

Adrian Morgan Walker Wedding 5

Photography by Lawrence Agyei

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