ALIVE On The Scene: Pulitzer Arts Foundation's Teen Exhibition

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This past Saturday at Pulitzer Arts Foundation nine teens from schools across St. Louis curated their very own exhibition. “Material & Meaning: The Power in the Powerless,” part of Pulitzer’s current project “the Kota Protolab,” brought together 3-D-printed models visitors designed of Kota guardian figures, paired alongside personal objects the students considered powerful. Through creating the framework of the exhibition, supporting their curatorial arguments and installing the work, the nine students worked with artist Dail Chambers, Pulitzer staff and game developers-in-residence to display the work. The exhibition was only on display in its entirety on Saturday, however, the 3-D-printed models will still be on view for the next few weeks.

AAA_1687 AAA_1691 AAA_1692 AAA_1695 AAA_1605 AAA_1606 AAA_1610 AAA_1611

AAA_1591 AAA_1659 AAA_1710 AAA_1730 AAA_1733 AAA_1750Photos by Kalina Mandzholovska

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