ALIVE On The Scene: Nelly's Black and White Ball 2016

 In Culture

This weekend, Nelly’s 10th Annual Black And White Ball brought St. Louisans together at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis at Lumiere Place. Below we picked a few of our favorite photos of the event, which featured celebrities like Nelly and T Pain. To see the full album, visit ALIVE on Facebook.

Photos by Chris Williams

NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_15 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_22 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_24 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_27 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_33 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_40 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_44NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_52 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_60 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_67 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_80 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_83 NellyBWB_4_10_16_ChrisWilliams_88

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