ALIVE Chats With 'America's Got Talent' Host Nick Cannon

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When the “America’s Got Talent” auditions roll into the St. Charles Convention Center on Jan. 26, host Nick Cannon will be on hand to be “shocked and amazed by what you can do in 90 seconds.” The multitalented producer, performer and writer gave ALIVE a sneak peek into his busy life going into season 10.

Nick Cannon. AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC

Nick Cannon. AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. Photo by Michael Parmelee/NBC.

Amy De La Hunt: You’ve been doing “America’s Got Talent” for a decade now—how has the show changed over time?

Nick Cannon: It’s become bigger. It’s more of a cultural phenomenon especially when you include people like Howard Stern. It’s a staple in pop culture.

AD: And you’ve seen a lot of singers, dancers and performers during that time. Looking back, what are some of the experiences that stand out?

NC: Watching Jackie Evancho’s journey.

AD: What is your favorite part about the auditions like the one in St. Louis?

NC: I like to meet the people and contestants.

AD: You’re sought-after as a host—for example, the upcoming People awards show Dec. 18. What do you bring that others don’t?

NC: Fun and youthfulness.

AD: What have you learned over time that makes you such a popular host?

NC: To be yourself and to be someone everyone can relate to.

AD: Shifting gears a bit to your other projects … most recently, your children’s books got some publicity locally. Tell us about them.

NC: Growing up I read a lot and was inspired by the writers I read and wanted to create books to inspire the next generation.

AD: The poetry book with illustrations by hip-hop artists sounds like fun. Is that still scheduled to be released this spring?

NC: Yes.

AD: Do your twins enjoy it when you read the book about them in “Roc and Roe’s Twelve Days of Christmas?” 

NC: Yes they love it, they actually read it to me now.

AD: What are you most looking forward to career-wise in 2015?

NC: Really looking forward to a lot of business endeavors I am involved with, as well as behind the camera opportunities and taking my company, NCredible, to the next level.

AD: How do you juggle all of your work and being there for your kids?

NC: My family is my priority and my main focus.

AD: Who are some of your career inspirations?

NC: Russell Simmons, Bob Hope, Will Smith, Diddy.

AD: Are those the same people you started out looking up to in your early days? Or have your perceptions of success changed over time?

NC: I have a lot more businessmen as my inspirations now rather than entertainers like before.

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