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Cards Closer Trevor Rosenthal Talks Mentors, Memories and Big Moments.


When the Cardinals’ lead is on the line, chances are good that Trevor Rosenthal will make a trip to the mound to get the last few opposing batters out.



ALIVE: It probably only works once.
TR: Yeah. Then you start checking to make sure you have two keys. And looking behind every curtain!

ALIVE: How would you describe your pitching technique?
TR: I mainly use my fastball. It’s pretty much been the way I’ve always pitched. In college I didn’t
pitch too much [because I was a shortstop], and I didn’t really have any other pitches. I remember
the day I got drafted as a pitcher, I was out with my brother trying to figure out different pitches. They were terrible! Then after I signed and went down to Florida, the pitching coordinators were wondering what I was doing. [Laughs.]

ALIVE: What do game days look like?
TR: I try to get up early so I can eat breakfast and make my wife breakfast. We usually hang out, and on my favorite days, my wife will go work out for an hour and then we’ll go eat lunch at Athlete
Eats. When I get to the park, I go to the training room, do my stuff in there. I get a workout in. I get something to eat. By that time, I’ve stretched out. [In the bullpen,] for the first five innings, we just watch the game, talk about the game. We’re super into what’s going on. Once you get past the fifth, everybody has their own routine‰Û_Getting into that mindset where you feel comfortable and having your body ready is a big part of it.

ALIVE: Is it hard being a closer?
TR: I generally come in for one inning; 10 to 15 pitches is ideal. The hardest part is being ready to
pitch every day‰ÛÓand then on the days you don’t pitch, it kind of feels like you did because the stress level is still the same. It’s exhausting.

ALIVE: Do you want to be a starting pitcher someday?
TR: It depends. That’s always been my ambition, because that’s what I was in the minor leagues, and I had that vision of that’s what I would be. I like to pitch as much as I can‰Û_I just want to stay healthy and be ready for every opportunity.

ALIVE: Does your baby Chloe like baseball yet?
TR: I’ve been trying! She wants to do whatever I’m doing. I’ll pick up a ball and be playing with it
by myself. She’ll be watching me, and pretty soon she’ll come over.

ALIVE: How old were you when you started playing?
TR: I don’t remember.

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