A St. Louis Wedding Locale You (Probably) Haven’t Thought Of

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Fact: You’ll absolutely lose it if just one more person tells you how you should plan your wedding. If you’re in that space, keep reading. Finding your perfect venue—the bones of your illustrious event—is half the battle. If you’re planning a St. Louis event and remain undecided about a location, we have an idea.

Though the function of St. Louis’ Old Post Office building has changed over the 200-plus years of its life, its beauty and grandeur remain entirely intact. Back in 1865 when it was commissioned, the country was burdened by the post-war reconstruction era. The building was viewed as a tool to reinforce confidence and pride in the government as the main point of passage for all correspondence to the West, positioning St. Louis as the bridge that connected two disparate parts of the country.


Since then, and with the help of a stunning renovation, the space has been transformed into a premier event destination. Its historic significance, extraordinary architecture and vast, open spaces create the perfect location for weddings and special events.

But what is it really like to plan an event at the Old Post Office? We sat down with Crystal Prag, director of events at Absolutely IN! Events, to discuss her experience working with the venue, plus her journey as an event planner.

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Where do you find inspiration for planning an event?
I find a lot of inspiration from the specific couple or organization. Upon hearing their story, what they love, what makes them tick, I launch into thinking about how that can be a part of their event. I also love browsing wedding blogs, magazines and photos. Sometimes I’ll even incorporate ideas from movies or books into the event plans.

How do you feel your experience has influenced your work as an event planner?
After living on the West Coast, East Coast and now the Midwest, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different cultures, faiths, customs, passions, lifestyles and traditions. With that specific background as an event planner, I’ve been able to see how unique every event and every client is. What’s popular in one area might not be popular yet in another. It’s really neat to see how the traditions and trends change across geography.

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Photo by Josephine Havlak

You recently planned an event at the Old Post Office. What drew you and your client to the space?
The setting is really unique. There are multiple levels to utilize, high ceilings and a historical atmosphere. There’s a space with gorgeous statues near an arch that often acts as a focal point in ceremonies and receptions. The venue offers a lot of creative potential in terms of how you lay everything out and dress up the space.

What do you think really sets the Old Post Office apart from other venues?
There are multiple levels that are rich with St. Louis history, and those really add a unique dimension to an event. Instead of everything taking place on one level, you can have different elements take place on the various levels. That allows [the space] to easily accommodate all the aspects of a wedding in one place, but in different sections of the venue. I also love that you can highlight a special moment on the landing. That could be anything from a first look to the cake cutting, or even have it as the central point of the ceremony.

OPO Josephine Havlak

Photo by Josephine Havlak

What was it about event planning that initially drew you in?
The opportunities I had in college at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) really sparked my interest in event planning. I always liked being very involved, and I would plan as much as I could into my day. I organized events for hundreds of students as a resident assistant, helped coordinate wishes for Make-A-Wish children and interned for a wedding planner. The opportunities have only grown since then, and I love planning each unique wedding or event that comes my way. None of it feels like work.

What aspects do you find most exciting about what you do each day?
Every day, I get to be a part of creating the best day of someone’s life. I get to plan or design their wedding; or, I get to help a really inspiring nonprofit serve their cause even better by helping with their event. I love adding joy to these special, memorable moments and connecting with our clients. I find it most exciting to have the opportunity to make someone’s event go beyond everything they’ve dreamt about.


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Photos provided by the Old Post Office.


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