A St. Louis Organic Skincare Brand That Minimalists Will Love

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In a society of excess, it makes sense that by contrast the minimalist movement has found steady footing, as a lifestyle promoting peace without excess. It’s this philosophy that has grounded Lark Skincare, an independent St. Louis-based skincare brand developed by aesthetician Lisa Dolan. Concerned about toxic and harmful ingredients that often make their way into cosmetic and self-care products, she began researching alternative options when she became pregnant, but the options were slim to none.

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Undeterred, she began developing her own products and letting her clients test them out. We love Lark’s line of 21 beauty, wellness and skincare products, as well as the less-is-more beauty philosophy. Try the Lark beauty balm, made with organic coconut oil and essential oils. It’s the perfect after-shower body moisturizer, and for those without coconut oil sensitivity it can be used on the face as a moisturizer and cleanser. Dip a toe in the essential oil craze with the roll-on crystal-infused oil in the scent Date Night. It’s a fresh, elegant blend of rose, geranium and lemon, which Dolan infuses herself with rose petals and rose quartz.

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If you hear “crystal-infused essential oil” and a New Age nightmare comes to mind, don’t knock it before you try it. You may well be drinking the Kool-Aid before you know it.

Lark Skincare

Featured photo courtesy of Allef Vinicius.

Interior images courtesy of Lark Skincare.

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