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Saks Fifth Avenue celebrates its 60th anniversary in St. Louis.


As one of the area's oldest retailers, Saks Fifth Avenue has become synonymous with luxury shopping in St. Louis. This year marks the shopping destination’s 60th anniversary—and there’s plenty in store for loyal followers and newcomers alike.

The latest on the beauty radar is the new cosmetics boutique, Chanel Beaute—a Chanel cosmetics experience that was designed to pay homage to the Chanel legacy, with the same chic attention to detail you would expect from fashion’s most coveted brand. The unique decor includes sophisticated touches such as a seating banquette where weary shoppers can mull over their next cosmetic purchase while sipping champagne. But it’s really the charming and personal details that give the space its immense sense of character—like book shelves with an antique feel, thoughtfully nestled among framed photos of the brand’s infamous matriarch, Coco Chanel. Although the ambiance is appealing, it’s the high-end serums, creams and cosmetics that are the real draw.

Chanel Beaute is fresh on the heels of the 10022 Shoe department, which opened in late 2012 with designer offerings from the likes of Manolo Blahnik, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few. General Manager Doug Moss contends that all of the recent renovations at Saks are a celebration of the company’s commitment to St. Louis. “Continually escalating and elevating the experience at Saks is top priority,” he says.

So what’s next? In addition to a multitude of charity events, designer appearances and Fashion’s Night Out, Saks plans to unveil a few spectacular surprise events—the likes of which Moss says St. Louis has never seen. Further adding to the mystery is speculation that fall will bring a luxurious new handbag experience to the store. Moss, whose lips are sealed solid on the potential project, did throw us a small glimmer of hope. “The accessories world is a hot, hot, world,” he says. “A great bag and a pair of shoes can change your wardrobe.” No matter the final outcome, Saks’ current new look already has us smitten.



Celebrating 60 Years


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Saks 60th Anniversary

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Photo credit: Photos courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

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