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Transform your body with this new low-impact, high-results workout.


A full-body workout that burns
serious calories without having to kill
yourself…sounds too good to be true,
right? Wrong. Not when you take one of
the classes at The Dailey Method, a new
St. Louis fitness studio that features the
celeb-loved, silhouette-slimming Dailey
Method workout.

Located in the Village at Schneithorst in Ladue, the
studio was launched by St. Louisan Sarah Tourville.
A fitness buff and fan of pilates and yoga, Tourville
was inspired to open her own studio after training under The Dailey Method founder, Jill Dailey McIntosh. The workout combines a ballet barre with core conditioning, strengthening and lengthening exercises. The concept has been around since the
early ’90s, but the trend-worthy routine has been gaining popularity as a time-effective, body-changing workout in more recent years.

The Moves

It’s easy to see why Tourville loves>this workout style—she and her team are not only knowledgeable instructors, but they also have toned and lean physiques that could inspire anyone. The class focuses on a variety of difficult stretches, but you don’t have to be as flexible as a ballerina to getthe most out of this workout. Active gym-goers like me are still challenged by the class—and, as I learned the next day, I definitely used certain muscles that I don’t work hard or often enough.

The key to this workout is its focus on the core—
your calorie-burning center that will improve overall
posture and body strength. During the class, every
muscle group is engaged through controlled, non-impact movements. The class also isolates individual
muscles like the triceps, biceps and chest using small
weights. Your quads get appropriate attention at the
barre, and your abdominals and core are targeted
through planks and other “neutral spine” movements. After each exercise, a series of stretches is
performed to sculpt lean muscles, followed by flexibility work to balance out the body. The class closes
with a few minutes of quiet meditation to leave you
feeling strong, refreshed and already anxious to
return. As a fitness-minded mother of two, Tourville
understands the needs of on-the-go moms—which
is why she provides the rare amenity of staffed childcare during morning and afternoon classes. The
facility also has fully-equipped showers for those
squeezing a class in before work or during lunch.

{ Take 5 }
Apprehensive about trying a totally new workout?  
You won’t be, once you read our Top 5 list on the benefits of trying The Dailey Method.

1  You barely break a sweat. A stellar full-body
workout is guaranteed. But, because it’s not a direct
aerobic workout, you won’t be drenched when the
hour is over. It’s ideal for the on-the-go mom or
busy young professional, and it’s a great workout to
sneak in during your lunch hour.

2 All the right moves. Many people shy away
from group fitness classes because they feel
like they won’t be able to keep up or perform
the exercises correctly. But at The Dailey
Method, the classes more intimate, and instructors are focused on helping you perform movements, so you’ll feel confident as you improve
with each class.

3 Bring out your inner black swan. Let’s be
honest, who wouldn’t want to look and feel as
graceful, poised and lean as Natalie Portman in
“Black Swan”? The Dailey Method helps achieve
that toned, lean look, and you’ll feel fit and sexy
performing similar stretches.

4 Time flies. Ever take a fitness class and find
yourself watching the clock? That’s because
you’re not enjoying your workout. The Dailey
Method, while challenging, is also fun with
movements, stretching and balance work that
keep your interest—and heart rate—up.

5 It’s rehab-friendly. If you’ve ever experienced
a minor injury that keeps you from your fitness
routine, then you know it’s hard not being able
to stay in shape during recovery. The Dailey
Method’s movements are low-impact and safe
for rehabilitation.



Method for Success


Photo credit: Annie Hobbs

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