A Look Inside Cranky Yellow/The Upcycle Exchange On Cherokee Street

 In Style

For the crafters, the makers, the designers and the artists, there’s a new space to fuel your creativity at 2900 Cherokee Street. The collaborative space combines Upcycle Exchange—the pay-as-you-wish craft shop formerly located on South Grand, with Cranky Yellow, a collaborative space for “weird art-based projects.” Founders David Wolk (Cranky Yellow) and Autumn Wiggins (Upcycle) are no strangers to the local makers’ market. Having worked together to develop the Strange Folk Festival that took place last year at Union Station, the pair decided to continue the collaboration with the development of the Cherokee Street storefront. Here’s a look inside the eclectic space that combines the art of craft with just about everything under the sun.

Photos by Alex Isbell.

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Visit Cranky Yellow and Upcycle Exchange daily 11am-7pm at 2900 Cherokee Street.


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