A Last-Minute Gift Guide For The St. Louis Design Enthusiast

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Each item that graces the shelves of CENTRO Modern Furnishings in St. Louis is an art piece in its own right. This holiday season, CENTRO has curated a trove of gift ideas available for in-store purchase at their elegant Central West End showroom. The swoon-worthy collection features accessories by modern designers who have shown their work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and MOMA, to name a few. We’ve pulled some noteworthy finds to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Centro Modern Furnishings
4727 McPherson Ave, 63108
314 454-0111


toys gifts christmas alive centro modern home furnishings

Balancing Blocks (Multicolored)
Price: $48.00
These faceted blocks can be balanced in many different iterations to create your own sculpture. Each set includes 10 solid oak multicolored blocks.

tiles table coaster trivet mosaic modern architecture home goods furnishings centro modern st louis alive gifts holiday

Table Tiles (Optic Black, Black/Beige)
Price: $18.00
This set of six coasters plays with color and pattern to allow you to create three-dimensional illusions on your dinner table.

concrete desk set modern furniture furnishings centro st louis alive magazine gift holiday

Concrete Desk Set
Price: $50.00
This desk set offers all the essentials in crisp, modern shapes. Cast from solid concrete, the set includes a small tape dispenser, pencil holder and a small tray.

concrete trivet mosaic modern architecture home goods furnishings centro modern st louis alive gifts holiday

Concrete Trivet (Black, Gray)
Price: $35.00
This concrete table trivet can be used alone or combined to form a geometric mosaic that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. One piece fits a kettle or a saucepan, while several trivets can be arranged to fit casserole-sized dishes.

centro modern home furnishings gifts holiday playing cards minimalism design alive st louis

Minim Cards (Black, White)
Price: $10.00
For the minimalist, this deck of regulation playing cards reduces the classic hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades down to clean geometric symbols and diagonal lines.



extension cord exto electric conway centro home furnishings modern design alive st louis

EXTŌ Modern Extension Cords
Price: $70.00
Functional, attractive and easy-to-handle extension cords help prevent shock and stay put on almost any surface.

extension cord usb fast charging iphone gift holiday modern design centro st louis alive

Price: $149.00
For the friend whose phone is forever out of battery, this USB charges devices with expert efficiency and extends battery life by protecting batteries from overcharge.

extension cord centro modern design furnishing home electric conway alive st louis holiday gift

EXTŌ+4 Collection
Price: $90.00
The Extō+4 is a four-outlet power strip that can handle nearly any electrical accessory around the house. Arranged in a square aluminum housing, the outlet resists tipping and sliding.



revolution glassware fferone design modern home goods centro furnishings alive st louis holiday gift shopping

Revolution Glassware Collection
Price: $79.00-$220.00 per pair
The elegant forms in Fferrone’s Revolution Glassware Collection—handcrafted in the Czech Republic by master glassblowers—make their contents appear to defy gravity. The collection consists of six designs combining tumblers, stemware and bowls.



field outline ruler tools desk holiday gift modern home goods furnishings centro alive st louis

Outline Half Round, Rectangle and Triangle
Price: $50.00-$60.00
This series of stainless steel professional measuring tools pares down the silhouettes of iconic rulers, fusing function and minimalist form. Make the Outline set into a personalized gift by custom-engraving the back side.

bottle opener modern design gifts holiday furnishings home goods centro alive st louis

Loop Bottle Opener
Price: $30.00
The simplified design of this bottle opener by Oscar Diaz is as practical as it is intriguing. From manufacturing to finishing, the bottle opener is Midwest-made.

magnifier modern home goods tools field centro furnishings holiday gifts alive st louis

Price: $140.00
Daniel/Emma’s brass magnifier serves as both a magnifying lens and paper weight. The magnifier can be custom-engraved around the top rim for gifting.



fire kit pocket portable fort standard objects alive st louis holiday gift shopping

Fire Kit (Brass)
Price: $98.00
This pocket-sized fire kit contains strike-anywhere matches that can be lit using the striker on the bottom of each canister—or any other rough surface.

crest bottle opener fort standard object holiday gift home goods centro furnishings alive st louis

Crest Bottle Opener 1, 2 and 3
Price: $45.00
These graphic bottle openers use minimal materials and simple, clean design to elevate a commonplace household object while retaining its functionality.

candle holder centro home goods fort standard objects modern design holiday gift shopping alive st louis

Stacking Candle Holder
Price: $110.00
Perfect for a candlelit dinner, these holders support both tapered and votive candles and can be used alone or stacked.

modern bowl centerpiece home goods centro furnishings design holiday gift alive st louis

Standing Bowl (Small, Large)
Price: $84.00-$110.00
The design of these sand-cast aluminum bowls was inspired by elements of architecture. The bowls come in two sizes and several color options to accommodate a variety of occasions.



enzo mari modern centerpiece iron holiday gift danese milano centro furnishings alive st louis gift

Putrella Tray
Price: $509.00
Add some intrigue to your table with this black curved centerpiece designed by Enzo Mari, cast in coated iron.

marble vase enzo mari modern design centro home furnishings holiday gifts alive st louis

Paros H Calacatta Marble Vase
Price: $1910.00
The clean, refined curves and angles in this vase were sculpted into veined Calacatta marble by Enzo Mari.

aurisina vase stone modern design enzo mari centro furnishings home goods holiday gift alive st louis

PAROS M Aurisina marble vase
Price: $1370.00
This Aurisina stone vase by Enzo Mari offers the perfect modern accessory to any room.

modern fruit bowl ron gilad contemporary design centro home furnishings alive st louis holiday gift

Fruit Bowl No. 9
Price: $290.00
Ron Gilad’s contemporary gravity-defying take on a fruit bowl is made of beech wood and hangs vertically on the wall.

bookmark modern design metal holiday gift centro home furnishings alive st louis holiday gift marco ferreri

Ellice Bookmark
Price: $30.00
Marco Ferreri’s bookmark features a sleek design cut into stainless steel.

perpetual calendar wood enzo mari modern design home goods centro furnishings holiday gift alive st louis

Bilancia Perpetual Calendar
Price: $90.00
This innovative “perpetual calendar” designed by Enzo Mari never becomes obsolete. Slide the slender strips of wood and align them to indicate the date.

formosa perpetual calendar enzo mari modern design centro home furnishings alive st louis holiday gift

Formosa Perpetual Calendar
Price: $90.00
Enzo Mari’s modern aluminum wall calendar uses interchangeable white cards to tell the date in crisp black font.

timor perpetual calendar enzo mari modern design centro home furnishings holiday gift alive st louis

Timor Perpetual Calendar
Price: $125.00
This calendar by Enzo Mari features a fanned design including the month, the date and the day of the week.

animal toy puzzle kid holiday gift family shopping enzo mari modern design centro home furnishings alive st louis

16 Animali Toy Puzzle
Price: $259.00
Enzo Mari’s puzzle contains 16 solid oak wood animals that enmesh in a jumble of elephant trunks and kangaroo tails to create one rectangle.

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