A Halloween Party Kit You Need Now

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Holiday season is quickly approaching, with Halloween just around the corner! We’ve put together a simple kit for your very own October 31 bash this year, including decor, delicious recipes and more. Get ready for an exclusive ALIVE-styled party that’ll be the talk of STL—or so we hope.

Decor is what makes the first impression, and you want to “wow” your guests, right? Skip the ordinary party store purchase and try these simple DIY projects everyone will love.


Start the experience before your friends and family even enter the party with the mummy-inspired door. Set up and clean up will be simple and the neighbors will soon be calling you their very own Martha Stewart. Let’s not forget the spiderweb fountain that will definitely add a little spook to the night. Although it involves a little more prep work, we promise it’ll be worth it. To add a little something extra, we recommend some glitter and glow-in-the-dark accents.

Have a few mason jars around? We know you do. Bring them to life with this little decor-hack that you can keep for future fall gatherings and celebrations. Whether you’re a foodie-decor junkie or looking to light up the room, these easy (really!) ideas will fit in wherever you please. Your silverware will thank you and you can finally put those trendy jars to good use.


We’ve decided it’s time to add a twist into the traditional and everlasting practice of carved pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Personalize your pumpkins with your favorite colors and designs. Whether you love ombre as much as we do or want to add glitter, initials or holiday-inspired phrases (BOO!), let your heart and paint brush run wild. For a more practical use, you can turn those pumpkins into a fall flower pot or a cooler for your party’s bottled beverages. We wish we could say we were the genius behind that idea.

Once your guests are completely impressed by your creative skills, take it one step further with perfectly themed cocktails and treats. Get their taste buds going with the Blood Sucker that will add a gruesome flare without the gruesome taste. Cocktails not your style? You can never go wrong with a cold Schlafly Pumpkin Ale or a tasty, non-alcoholic beverage–the Hocus Pocus Fizz. The recipes are so easy.


Our favorite part, the food, is oftentimes the trickiest part. Of course, it all depends on your preferences and the direction would like to take the party. The pumpkin-shaped cheese ball is simple and something everyone will love. And desserts (our favorite part), chocolate covered Ghost Strawberries are cute, easy and delicious.  Need more ideas? Why not try out the three, very easy, Halloween recipes and #BakeWithALIVE.

If you’re still in need of some inspiration and want to see the rest of the amazing little party tricks that’ll fit right into your style, head over to our Pinterest board and get your shopping list started!

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